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Thank you for registering for our Bike Manawatu annual Manfeild 6 Hour Cycle Challenge

Thank you for registering for our Bike Manawatu annual Manfeild 6 Hour Cycle Challenge



Access to the venue will be via South Street entrance, 59 South Street Feilding. 
You will find our venue map here
Parking is in the Stadium carpark D6

Event organisers will be setting up at 7am

The event will commence with a warm up on the track commencing at 8am.

Transponders will be checked at 8.30.
The ride briefing will commence at 8.45am.

The ride will commence with a neutralised lap at 9am sharp behind the lead vehicle, you are not to overtake this vehicle, this will take the first leg riders around the track in a controlled manner, as you enter the main straight will vehicle will accelerate away, this is will signal the start of the race.
The last lap will be called at approximately 2.55 pm, the horn will sound, please complete your lap, that is the end of the race

If there is an incident on the track and requires an Ambulance, the Ambulance will enter the track through the chute and travel to the scene in the same direction as the cyclists with siren on, in this instant all riders are to keep to the LEFT HAND side of the track until the Ambulance has passed, please do not draft the Ambulance.

Hospitality Facilities
We have the Toyota pit lane x4 garages and pit lane suite booked. These facilities are available for your team hospitality area. This area is available for teams on a first in first served basis however do respect others who require space. Tents can be erected in the pit lane area. Please ask an event official before erecting.
Gala Caterers will be onsite with their coffee cart and hotdog / chip van.

All safety and security measures in place must be adhered to. Please comply with all safety marshal instructions. Marshal’s decisions are final

The pit area is for pedestrians and access to the transition zone. The pit area is not a warm up area.

(If you need to warm up, please bring a wind-trainer)

An approved cycling helmet must be worn at all times while riding in the event. Only roadworthy bikes will be permitted onto the course.

No aero bars, no ipods/head phones whilst on the track
No fixed wheel bikes, all bikes to have good operating brakes.
All teams must comprise of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members. There is only to be 1 member from each participating team on the track at any one time. All riders must participate. School teams are to consist of students only.


Each team / Solo Rider will be provided with 2 transponders. 
Transponder #1 is just like previous years and will require a transponder holder to be attached to the RIGHT hand side of the fork – 4 fingers below the top of the spokes – The transponder must be exchanged in the transition zone from one team member to the other.

image     image

Transponder #2 will be a Helmet Transponder which is to be attached to the top / back of your helmet with the x2 cable ties provided. This transponder will be read by the overhead gantry.
We suggest for your team manager or yourself to please bring along some snips to assist with cutting the cable ties to size.
If you already have a little black Transponder holder, please bring them along, as we can re-use these and issue you with more cable ties to swap them from left to RIGHT. (This can save you time before the event and help you be as organised as possible)
The transponder MUST be mounted on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the fork and not removed until you come to a complete stop in the transition area.
The transponders are very expensive items and you will be accountable in the event of loss or damage
Please ensure ALL transponders are returned back to HQ after the event, and if you do not intend to re-use your holder, we would really appreciate these back also. Thank you

***On the day we will aim to post a live results link to our Facebook page for you all to be able to see how you are doing nice and easy from your device. ***

The course is the 3 Km Chris Amon Manfeild track and also takes in a small area with the pit lane for transition. Riders will circulate in an anticlockwise direction.

All riders are to keep on the inside line on all parts of the course. Faster riders are to pass on the line on all occasions. Slower riders have the right of way and are not to deviate to make way for faster riders. Faster riders are to clearly announce that they are coming up on slower riders. Be aware of riders splitting away from a bunch to enter the transition area. Be aware of slower merging riders when leaving the transition area.
If you are going to transition indicate clearly and move to the right hand side of the track prior to coned area.
Riders will enter the transition zone through the Slow Down area and dismount on entry to the Transition Zone. Exchanging the transponder will take place in the transition zone and the new rider is to remount the bike only on exit from transition zone. Entry onto the course proper will only occur when authorised to do so by the marshal. Failure to comply with this rule will see teams penalised


Manfeild’s Outdoor Caterer – Gala Caterers will have a coffee cart and food available for purchase
Prize giving to commence at approx 3.30pm

Thanks to MG Marketing we will also have fruit available in the Race office for you and your teams to help yourselves to.

Safety, safety, safety, it is priority to complete this event without injury, please be careful.
Have a safe and enjoyable day!

Please ensure ALL transponders are returned to the race office at the completion of the event, there will also be a box for any unwanted transponder holders too.