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Taupo to Napier

Taupo to Napier is one of our most challenging races.  It is not a ‘fun ride’ and is suited to A & B Grade riders.

2012 Taupo-Napier will take place on 22 September.  

*PRIZE MONEY*  KOM, Sprint, Overall

3 Grades

  • Elite
  • Veteran
  • Women

Entry is limited, so enter below now to avoid disappointment.

Any enquiries should be directed to Owen Cleverton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


As in past years, we are fortunate in having the support and help of generous sponsors and many volunteers. As experienced road cyclists, all the competitors will be only too aware of the need to cause as little delay and inconvenience to other road users as possible. This race is held for most part on a State Highway and it is imperative that we all obey the road rules and be courteous road users. The future of this event depends upon all of our performances in these matters. The NZ Police will be on hand to monitor the race, but are not there to give us special privileges.

It is now 40 years since this event first took place and the winners list contains some almost mythical names from NZ cycling history. Vern Hanaray, Jack Swart and later, Jeremy Yates are all past victors.
We wish you a successful race, whatever your personal goals may be. Race hard,
keep left and stay upright!

Owen Cleverton 
Race Director

Race Rules
The race will be conducted under BikeNZ road & track rules
Feeding will be allowed, please ensure this is on the left hand side of the road.
All service must be carried out by a neutral service vehicle only and on the left.
All riders are advised to carry a spare tube and pump as support will be given to the front of the race.
Please ensure that your numbers are on the back/left side.
All riders should know the itinerary and route.
Riders withdrawing from the event must notify the commissaires and hand in their race number and transponder.
A charge of $50 will be made to any rider who fails to return their transponder and race numbers.
Riders who are unable to maintain the pace of the race and fall behind may be withdrawn at the commissaires discretion.
By competing in this event, riders agree to abide by all rules, terms and conditions as specified either verbally, in writing or both.
Service Vehicles (All neutral):
Please place spare wheels in the appropriate van with your number. Please note First available wheel will be given to a rider, should you damage a wheel or puncture, then you are responsible for the repair.

Entry to this event is open to BikeNZ National licence holders.
Club or Centre card holders will be required to upgrade to a National Licence.*
*Local riders may use a centre licence.
Riders enter the event at their own risk
Riders unable to maintain the pace of the event will (at the commissaires discretion) be withdrawn from the race.

Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by entry fee.

Entries are now open and close 5pm Wednesday 19 September (if we are able to accept your entry after this date a $25 late fee will apply)

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