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Sunday Rides

On most Sundays there will be 3 rides.


This is to provide riders with a wider range of options and to suit a wide range of abilities. 

The rides will generally be as follows:

  • Long Rides – covering 75-85km 
  • Medium Rides – covering 55-65km 
  • Short Rides – covering 30-40km  

We understand that there will be times when slower riders may wish to do the Long Ride, especially leading up to the fun ride season. Please advise the Ride Organiser for the day, there may be others who would like to join you. 

Before each ride leaves the starting point it will be split into bunches of 10-12 riders.  The size and number of bunches will vary each week depending on who and how many turn up but generally bunches for each ride will generally be as follows:

  • Fast Bunch – 29kph
  • Slow-fast Bunch – 27kph
  • Fast-slow Bunch – 25kph
  • Slow Bunch – 23kph

Remember weather conditions, terrain and the composition of the bunch will determine the final average speed and time taken. 

BikeManawatu members will take an active role in creating the bunches at the start and controlling their bunch during the ride and at various times will ask others to assist.   

Your bunch for the day may not be the bunch you intended to ride in but assisting others to improve their riding by leading them in a bunch is one of our important club principles. 

  • if you choose a ride that’s too slow or a ride that’s too short, put up with it and choose differently next week 
  • if you choose a ride that’s too long or a bunch that’s too fast be prepared to drop off or take a short cut home.

BikeManawatu rides are open to all comers.  Members and non members alike.  However if you are riding regularaly, we do encourage you to join BikeManawatu and support our club.