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Sunday morning Crit at Linton Results 15 February 2014

A small field of riders gathered at Linton Army Camp gymnasium for what was to be a criterium.

Due to the size and variety of riders it was decided to run a handicap race.

On the start line after all riders had ridden one lap behind a pace car, riders were instructed how they needed to work together as a group to ensure that their grade could make it to the finish line first.

The third grade which for this event was called C GRADE started first and were to complete 5 laps – a distance of approximately 15km. A minute later A grade consisting of just 3 riders started but with the challenge of completing 7 laps they had their work cut out for them.  B Grade started 30 secs after A grade and had 6 laps to ride.

Due to unfortunate circumstances the trailer was not able to be taken out to Linton and only one stopwatch was available so the winning time went to Kelly Levin in 30 mins 58 secs just proving that the younger ones do listen at times as they all worked together to hold off the A Grade and B grade riders. 

There was a 28 second gap from C back to A, the C grade group rode well together, all finishing within a few seconds of each other.

Steve & Alex had a great sprint to the end, and it was a tight photo finish with Alex just pipping Steve by an inch.

And the B grade group followed in quite quickly about another 20 seconds back.


1. Kelly Levin                           64           30:58     (5 Laps)                C

2. Ethan Craine                      70                           (5 Laps)                C

3. Zoe Croton                         98                           (5 Laps)                C

4. James Gardner                 72                           (5 Laps)                C

5. Alex West                           01                           (7 Laps)                A

6. Steve Stannard                 63                           (7 Laps)                A

7. Mike Craine                        76                           (6 Laps)                B

8. Nigel Doyle                         68                           (6 Laps)                B

9. Adam Martin                     09                           (6 Laps)                B

10. Mitchel Kinghorn             45                           (7 Laps)                A

Megan Gardner DNF.