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Strava May THE TANK GUY 2-Up TT Challenge

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During the month of May …

We have now modified this month’s Strava challenge to include an individual 13kms and 27kms time trial for those that wish to ride solo plus there are the 2- Up TT options.

There is also a 13km Newcomers option this month challenge.  This category is for an experienced cyclist to ride with someone who is new to road cycling (or you both can be new). This is to encourage your friend, workmate, partner, kids or whoever, to come out and give road cycling a try! Who can you inspire?

  1. Find a partner/s and compete in any of the 10 categories including "Newcomers". You can ride in multiple categories. We take your best time with each partner.

  2. You both need to use Strava to record your ride and finish within 5 seconds of each other. The Challenge entry time is taken from the second rider.

  3. When you have completed your Time-Trial, complete the 2-Up Registration Form.

Full details on the Challenge can be found HERE