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Strava Distance Challenge – Final results


We cracked the 10,000 km mark. What a team. After a month’s riding through some less than tropical weather the total distance completed by the team for the strava challenge was 10,214 km. Great riding. Some completed over 1000 km for the month. Some didn’t ride quite so far as they are still waiting for summer to arrive. Jess Hamilton rode the furthest distance of 1318 km. Well done.

Strava is just a bit of fun. You could even be the “King of the Mountain” over some segment on the road. It could even be a flat section of road. It doesn’t matter. There are at least 50 segments that have now been mapped in Strava and if you want your moment of glory just map a course no one else rides on, create a segment and you’ll be the KoM, the champion until someone else rides faster than you over the segment. You’ll even generate kudos. The all-important virtual kudos is very important for the image.


Watch out for the next challenge.

Safe riding