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STMS– are you able to help out???

At a recent Board meeting it was suggested that we look within our membership to see if there is anyone interested in undertaking STMS training and that the person completing the training would then be available to perform that function at our club events. For those that do not know what an STMS is, it stands for Safety and Traffic Management supervisor.

There is a process that needs to be completed before full registration is attained. There is a basic level traffic controller course which takes 1 day. The next course is due to be run on 26 July, then 30 August or 4 October. The courses are run in Palmerston North.

After holding a traffic controller’s certificate for 1 month the person can then undertake STMS level 1 training. This is a 2 day course and the dates set for these this year are 5& 6 September, 11 & 12 October or 10 & 11 November.

If you already hold STMS but just need to attend a refresher course these are being held on 27 July, 31 August, 5 October and 9 November. This is a 5 hour workshop.

If you want more information or would like to attend these courses and became a qualified STMS, then please contact the secretary either by email or phone 357- 5349 extn 747 or leave a message.