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School cycling Camp 19/20 March

The A 1 group (photo Rebecca Denholm)

Just over 40 kids took part in this years Scool Cycling Camp. This years camp venue Rathkeale College. The goal of the camp is to get some riding in, to get some extra on riding skills and to get to know each other all while having a good time.

For the riders there were two options 115 km all the way from Palmie to Rathkeale or to start at Rongomai for a 60 km trip. The 115km lot was split in two bunches one bunch escorted on the bike by Mike McRedmond, Luke McCarthy and Geoff Russell the second buch by KenYoung.


The 60 km riders also spit in two bunches with Alex Denholm and Howard Pinder on the bike as safe guards. All groups rode well and despite the odd puncture no mishaps to report on. Arriving at Rathkeale the sun was burning and time to chill awaiting the afternoon program. Place of action for the afternoon was the soccer pitch.

The B's (Photo Rebecca Denholm)Five groups were rotated along five stations. At the stations different bike skills were trained. Wheel rubbing, cornering, hanging in to each other. At the station were it started with picking up drink bottles from the ground while sitting on your bike the completion ended with picking up coins. Overall Kyle Davies was the best performer here by picking up two out of five.

Next on the time table Dinner followed by some seminars / workshops on coaching, core strength, riding etiquettes, bike maintenance and what a cycling club can mean for you. Some of these sessions were taught by the senior students. The student reps Kathryn Young, Matiu Kaihau and Luuk vanWagtendonk decided on 10.00 pm lights out and 10.30 silence wow!

20 March rise at 7.00 am ready to leave before breakfast what was at 8.00 on the bike by 8.45. Amazing what a motivated group of kids can achieve. The ride back sort of the same as the way down.  Back home at 1.00 pm.

A great weekend it was with some of the whole lot at Rathkeale College (photo Jon Clarke)the younger riders clocking 120 km in a weekend for the first time ever. One of those youngster special to mention the youngest participant year 8 Newbury School student Emily Shearman.

It was heart warming to see all the parental support what make running the event a piece of cake. Cheers for that.



Also received from Steve Stannard:
Last weekend more than 80 riders, mainly from local High and Intermediate schools but also from as far away as Auckland, attended the annual Schools Cycling camp in Masterton. The point of departure was PN Girls High and the destination was Rathkele, a boarding school just north of Masterton.

With different groups starting at different points along the route (but all ending in the same place), everyone arrived safely just after lunch.
The trip down was assisted by plenty of sunshine and a useful tailwind.
Led by Kathryn Young, there were plenty of things to do in the afternoon and evening; notable talks being given by Geoff Russell and the senior Boys High riders.

The next day saw an early breakfast and a bunch of keen young riders heading for home along some lovely back roads between Masterton and Rongomai. Thence it was back to Palmy via Mangamaire. Ken Young displayed plenty of ‘guts’ in leading the second group all the way back to Palmy so soon after his Taupo Ironman adventure.

Much thanks goes to Kathryn, John Clark, Denise Brown, Howard Pinder, and Matt van Wagendonk (amongst others) for their hard work in organising the camp. Everyone is looking forward to next year already!