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Saturday Handicap race at Halcombe

A small group of Novice riders rode one lap of the Halcombe  – Stanway circuit accompanied by one of the parents.

This group was sent on their way after all the graded riders had departed. The winner of this grade was Dylan Simpson.


First over the line  in the graded race was a group of 3 riders including Robert Stannard, Leyton Gapper and Ross Rainham. These 3 had all set off in B grade with an 8 minute handicap on the D grade riders. The fastest times for the day went to Jordan castle followed closely by Chris Denholm and Steve Stannard.

Click here for full results.

Special thanks to our helpers for the day. Without the support of these people these events are not possible. Neil Pollock and Steve Perry were our corner marshalls and the registration was aided by Kirsty Kaihau and finish line Leonie Hapeta and Judith Elliott. Thanks also to Rebecca who followed the race as tail vehicle.

Thanks to Steve Stannard for bringing the trailer out and Brendan Hapeta for taking it home.