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Saturday Club race and Seniors Club champs

It was hot calm conditions on Saturday for the club road champs.

With the distances for Club nationals in Queenstown as a deciding factor for the distances to be raced for club champs it was a chance for the junior riders who were not competing for champs but planning on going to Queenstown to test their legs over the distances required.


Thanks to the helpers on the day Colin Huston as marshal on the tricky Watershed Corner assisted partly by Cameron Howell and Britteny Baker and Dileep Rajapakse on the Colyton corner. 

Our finish line recorders and judges did a marvellous job of keeping track of just how many laps each person had completed. Thanks to Rebecca Denholm, Alison Kinghorn and Rebecca Ransom who sat in the sun and waited for the very last rider to come through.

Thanks also to Harison King horn who helped pack up the signs at the end of the day.

Click here for results.

Age grouping results will be calculated at a later point in time for end of year prizegiving.