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Saturday Club Race 13th April – Final race for summer season

With the end of daylight savings and Club Road Nationals next week this was set to be the last club race for the summer season.

With a tough challenging course set to test the legs of those going to Queenstown next week and the sky full of grey gloomy clouds it was anybody’s guess what the finish order was going to be.

The train schedule had been checked and with a number of trains due through Halcombe it was decided to run a figure 8 course with each part of the “8” counting as a lap.

It was good to have a new rider join the ranks from the deep south and I am sure we will see a lot of good racing with Paddy Daly now making Feilding his home. He certainly showed what he was capable of in this event. Also a warm welcome to new faces to our Saturday races Glen Kirk and Val Devery . WE hope to see you again when the racing season starts again in July.

The first lap for all riders involved crossing the railway line at Halcombe and heading back towards Feilding. The first turn was up Managhs Rd and then along Lethbridge Rd before crossing the railway lines again and heading to Makino Rd. Then came the first of the climbs up Mangaone Hill and back to the start line at Halcombe school. 1 lap completed and a lead bunch of 4 riders had a narrow margin over John Stewart  and another gap back to a group of 5. In the group of 5 were some of the riders that were set off 1 minute 30secs behind the lead riders so they had made up good ground and were out to catch the lead as they set off on the second lap, which saw them turn right at Halcombe and head out to Stanway.  At Stanway which was the top end of the second part of the figure “8” the riders were to turn right and head back to the Mangaone Hill Climb. Then for the final lap for those that were doing 3 laps they had to complete the top part of the figure “8” a second time.

It was unfortunate for 2 riders who shall remain nameless to not know the area terribly well (or perhaps they were just looking for a short cut) and they headed off up Junction Rd. However this road soon turns to gravel and with a steep pinch in the middle the 2 Lone Rangers had to get off their trusty steeds and walk. With anxious Mums waiting at the start finish line and knowing there must have been trouble somewhere when the 2 didn’t appear within 10 minutes of the lead riders going through the start finish line out for the third and final lap, the mums hopped in to a car to go on a search and rescue mission. “Next minute” as proper grammar is required in this situation, from the opposite direction, the 2 lone rangers appeared with a smile on their faces, whooping and hollowing as they had just crossed the finish line well in advance of the other riders. A hasty phone call saw the SAR mums return shaking their heads.

Thanks to the helpers on the day Steve Perry, Pania Hudson, Rebecca Denholm, and Mike Simpson were marshals out on the course making sure that people who got to the corners turned in the right direction. Thanks also to the helpers on the finish line, Lyn Daly, Rebecca Denholm and the 2 SAR mums, Leanne Sievwright and Michelle Mikkelsen.  Special thanks also to Mike Simpson for bringing the trailer out.


2 laps (52 Kms)

1st Ruby Perry 1:38:58  
2nd Libby Arbuckle 1:38:59  
3rd John Arbuckle 1:41:29  
4th Greg Baker 1:45:39  
5th Val Devery 1:55:57  

3 Laps  (78 kms)

    Finish time Net time
1st George Roberts 2:13:42 2:13:42
2nd Paddy Daly 2:13:43 2:13:43
3rd Alex West 2:16.48 2:15:18
4th Chris Denholm 2:16:49 2:15:19
5th Campbell Stewart 2:16:52 2:15:22
6th Cody Simpson 2:16:54 2:15:24
7th James Denholm 2:16:59 2:16:59
8th John Stewart 2:17:01 2:17:01
9th Glen Kirk 2:17:09 2:15:39
10th Luke Mudgeway 2:17:49 2:17:49
11th Mark Findlay 2:17:51 2:17:51


Toshi Yamauchi

Megan Blatchford

Graeme Bull

Hamish Mikkelsen

Jacob Sievwright

Andrew McKenzie

Dylan Simpson