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Saturday Akers Rd Race Results 1 March 2014

It was pleasing to see the number of riders increasing week on week for the Saturday club races. And even more pleasing to see a good number of D grade riders. For the Akers Rd circuit the D grade riders were asked to complete 3 laps a total of 22km with c grade completing 4 laps and B grade completing 5 laps. The first lap was completed in less than 12 mins by a small bunch of B grade riders including  Cameron Huston, Andrew McKenzie, Toshi and Andy and Adam Martin  who was a C grade rider that was hanging on to the lead bunch. They were quickly followed by Tom Pirie and Nigel Doyle. The wind along the back straight was picking up which was sure to make the coming laps interesting especially for anyone that was dropped. Less than a minute back was Greg Baker the first of the D graders followed by Max Taylor and Kelly Levin and Peita Ransom, Fergus Washington-Smith and Michael Richmond clearing the line for the first time in 15mins.The lap times were to remain pretty consistent throughout the race but a split on lap 2 had Cameron Huston crossing the line 1 minute ahead of the chasing bunch of 4. Cows crossing the road on the back straight had little effect on the lead group and the dry matter that was warned of in the race briefing was notably moister as the riders crossed the path of the cow crossing. Cameron was able to maintain his lead in the front eventually making it across the finish line in 1hour 1 min and 57 secs nearly a 2 minute gap back to the chasing bunch. First of the c grade riders was Adam Martin and first of the D grade was Greg Baker.


Thanks to the helpers on the day, marshals Julie Washington-Smith, Kirsty Levin, Linley McKenzie and the bell ringers Charlotte and Emily

Results below.



Race no Name Time Grade
34 Greg Baker 41mins 11 sec D
71 Max Taylor 42          32 D
1 Kelly Levin 42          33 D
76 Peita Ransom 44          34 D
3 Fergus Washington-Smith 44          35 D
79 Michael Richmond 46          41 D
64 Samuel Phillips 46          44 D
54 Adam Martin 51          21 C
98 Nigel Doyle 52          49 C
33 Cameron Huston 1 hr 1     57 B
84 Andrew McKenzie 1 hr  3    42 B
55 Andy Martin 1 hr  3    45 B
73 Toshi Yamauchi 1 hr  3    55 B
99 Tom Pirie 1 hr  6    58 B