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Safety and etiquette out on the road

Recently I received some feedback about a bunch of riders, assumed to be a BikeManawatu group.

The feedback was from a keen local cyclist who was out driving his car. As it turns out, it wasn’t a BikeManawatu group, but the points he makes are still extremely valid…
I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the Wednesday ride that is on the BM calendar. Now I’m not sure if this is an organized ride but you seemed the best to give feedback too

I was driving to Feilding just before 10 last Wed and saw a pretty bike group 30+ riders approaching near Taonui Rd. They were traveling to Palmy and there were riders on the wrong side of the centre line. I flashed my lights to warn them as I approached and they regrouped on the correct side of the road, but group still took the whole lane.

Now I am very sympathetic to cyclists but I found this behavior pretty bad. There are road rules. There were cars approaching from behind the group and I’m unsure how those cars were affected but the whole look was not good for cyclists

Perhaps a reminder in you news letter would be a good thing. I know how bad some car drivers can be but If cyclists in groups can minimize the effect on other road users then we can minimize the sometimes aggressive attitudes this creates in some drivers.

I think you understand how all the good work BM do to improve road conditions can be undone by the actions of a few. To me this looked like the riders thought they were on the Tour rather than a ride back from a Feilding Cafe. I too have been caught up in the moment when in a bunch. We just need to remember the effect on other road users.

Ps. MMBC are pushing for the Feilding to PN cycle path in the next 10 year plan with both PNCC and MDC