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Rongotea Team Time Trial – Sunday 30th August 2020

Rongotea Team Time Trial – Sunday 30th August 2020

The overarching policy is that all Government and MOH regulations apply. We are able to run this event on the basis that social distancing is achievable if the systems set out below are followed. If they are not, we will be forced to reconsider running future events. Everybody needs to take responsibility and consider their actions.

9.00 am Start

All riders MUST Pre Register Here before EOP Friday 28/08/2020 no late entries will be allowed.
We ask all volunteers & spectators to please fill in this form to allow for contact tracing plus this helps us with race day volunteers. – Click Here
Please Pre Register HERE

Please meet at the Rongotea Square
Starting on corner of Severn & Mercey Streets

Registration 8.00am at HQ – (Bike Manawatu Timing Van near the Rongotea Garage Carpark)
Race briefing 8.45am – all riders must attend
First Team off at 9.00am 

Teams = Minimum of 4 riders, Max of 6 riders p/team

Riders will assemble at the Rongotea Garage Carpark and will start on the corner of Severn & Mercey Streets
$5 members / $10 non-members (entry is per rider in the team – (e.g. 4 riders in a team – all Bike Manawatu members = $20) – We encourage you to pay online Bike Manawatu ANZ 01-0745-0284925-00 please use your name, race number & race name as reference

This will be a TTT event with Manawatu School Cycling (MSC) and Bike Manawatu (BM). MSC will kindly host our BM riders as part of their event
We will put more information about start times in due course – please note this event will be manual timed by MSC
Bike Manawatu sincerely thanks MSC for hosting our riders 


  • All parking is to be well off the road – please respect the Rongotea residence and their nature strips I.e please don’t park on the soggy verge


  • If you are reading this, you will have seen the start list which provides your start time and your rider number. As we have been trailing for some time the number allocated for this event will be your permanent number for all future BM events. We are redistributing new fabric numbers to all members.
  • Non members will be allocated a reinforced paper number. Again please keep this and bring it along to other BM events that you attend
  • Please look after your race numbers and bring it to ALL club events.


  • Registration will be just before the start line at a table. There will be a marshal / volunteer to assist and direct standing within the 2-meter rule
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before registering
  • There is no entry fee for junior/schools riders.
  • If you have not paid online, please deposit your entry fee into the honesty box – correct change only and note the amount paid on the start sheet. $5 members, $10 non members.
  • If you have a loyalty card these will be at registration for you to click. Likewise, please note that you have used your loyalty card on the start sheet
  • Please avoid ques at the registration desk.
  • Let early riders register ahead of later starters while practising social distancing.
  • Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to register, pin your number and either go straight to the start area.
  • Numbers are to be placed on the left hand side, rear quarter of your race top.
  • Please read all notices at the registration desk, a repeat of the rider briefing and safety notes set out below


  • There will be a start clock at the start line.
  • There will be a holder wearing PPE gear.
  • Riders will start at 1 min intervals.
  • If numbers at the car park do become congested with people packing up, remember to social distance and if needs be go for a warm down and return once numbers have reduced.
  • Spectators please only attend the event if required to support a rider ie to drive your child. We encourage riders to be as self-reliant as possible and to ride to and from the event, but please keep group numbers small. We suggest 5-6 max.
  • All spectators/supporters MUST complete a contract tracing form. If you have not completed this online, please complete the paper copy at registration. It can be completed on line here


  • The course is a 16km Time Trial Course.
  • Please meet at the Rongotea Square
  • The event starts on corner of Severn & Mercey Streets, ride out Banks Rd, left onto Kaimatarua Rd, turn right down Sansons Rd then onto Main Drain Road, turn around cone, head back to Finish in Mercey Street, Rongotea.
  • This is an individual (and 2up) time trial. Please do not draft if you are not riding with your team member. Overtaking riders please ensure slower rider know you are coming. Please give each other plenty of room while staying left at all times
  • Individual Riders will go off first, then we will have a 5 minute break before teams set off.
  • Please remember to respect the locals living on this road.


  • Roads are open and all normal road rules apply
  • Marshals are provided for direction only
  • Riders must give way at all junctions as required.

Course Specific Notes:

  • Obey the priority on the 1 way bridge and be prepared to give way to oncoming traffic
  • Do not cross the centre line unless safe to do so.
  • We are on narrow quite roads when often there is no white line. Stay left
  • Riders should not exceed 2 abreast
  • Beware of tankers and agricultural machinery
  • Be courteous to other road users
  • The days are shortening so we RECOMMEND the use of a rear light.

Additional Notes:

  • Public toilets just past the centre of Rongotea township
  • We would like to try use our timing system as well as manual timed.
  • Each rider will be issued with a Transponder:
    Your transponder holder should be 4 fingers under the rim (remember to take the sticky tape off the holder and don’t put the cable ties through the spokes)
    Left hand side of the fork – shiny side facing out 
    Once your finished use some snips and take the length off the cable ties – we will have some at the start line for you.
    Please make sure your transponder is handed at the completion of your ride.

Please click here to view the start list online 

Course Notes
0.00km Start outside 
0.02km Mersey Street turns into Banks Road
2.24km Left onto Kaimatarau Raod
2.42km Right onto Sanson Road
4.57km Left onto Main Drain Road
8.1kmTurn around cone on Main Drain Road (before Taikorea Road)
11.63km Turn Right onto Sanson Road
13.78km Turn Left onto Kaimatarau Road
13.96km Turn Right onto Banks Road
16.00km Finish at Timing van on Banks Road (Just before the 50km sign)

Please click here to view course online

Registrations – Rongotea Garage Carpark

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