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Road racing–new series has started

The start of the winter series of races is about to happen this weekend with an interclub race to be held at Halcombe. This is in conjunction with Wanganui club.

There are 4 grades and different distances for each grade.

Anyone can come along and have a go. But after 3 races you will need to become a member to continue racing.

Race entry fees are $5 if you are over 17, $2 if you are under 17, and $10 for a family.

Afternoon tea is provided at the end of the race.


The increase in fees is to cover petrol costs for those people setting up the course and marshalling, and will also go to providing afternoon tea and prizemoney.

A roster system is to be setup so that the duties are shared amongst the members. You will not have to be on duty every week and training will be given. This is a chance for you to give something back to the club.

If we do not have enough people volunteering to do the duties a race may have to be cancelled. So if everybody takes their turn then it makes it better for everyone. When it comes to points then those that are marshalling or unable to race then they will still get points as if they had riden.

The duty roster for upcoming events will be available on Saturday so first in gets the best spots.