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Road race calendar

Bike Manawatu is excited about the calendar that has been set and is available on the Website.
Between now and Christmas there are 17 Road Race events for you to try your hand (and legs) at.

The first Road Race is Sunday 19th at Akers Road, run with BMSC, flat track, catering for all ages and Genders. More details with Pre registration on the website and Facebook next week. September brings us to a new 10km course at Taonui, Traffic Management plans are being submitted and will be published as soon as we have clearance.
Multiple laps depending on grades for all of our Road courses, with grades nominated by yourself, based on Average speed.
October sees us back at Kairanga for a quick fire ITT series on Wednesday nights as well as the Feilding Festival and Race 4 at Halcombe.
November welcomes back the Criterium series on Tuesday nights at Manfeild and Race 5 at Cheltenham.
December winds up with Races 6 and 7 at Pahiatua and Pohangina. Our races start off on Flat courses and work into the more challenging as the season rolls on.

Track season starting October

Track racing starts with Bike fits and orientation in October.
There are multiple have a go days where you can ride your road bike in timed events to get the hang of velodrome racing.
A reinvigorated Track team has a great calendar pencilled in and we are looking forward to a great summer of track racing.
With the Masters games at Whanganui early in 2019 it’s a great opportunity to race Road and Track against people of your own ages and abilities. Catering for everyone.
I’ve had a few comments about us banging on about racing…Well, guilty as charged.
We are here to cater for everyone. For every person that just wants to be left to ride socially there may be 2 people asking us when the race calendar is going to be out.
It’s all about inclusion and comradery
Photographic evidence.

imagejpeg_2 (1)
BM are always getting comments about group rides, most of them positive from the participants, some negative from other road users.
I was sent this photo from a mate of mine following a group down Campbells line.
Here’s the deal, At first glance I thought, Holy S… that doesn’t look good. I could recognise just about everyone in shot.
But having a closer look everyone is riding absolutely fine. There seems there are 2 riders rolling back from their turn at the front and everyone
else is 2 abreast.
My point is this, most of the time it looks worse than it is. This however is how we are judged…we are viewed not from directly behind but on an angle, so we appear to be riding 3 or 4 wide.
Food for thought everyone, think about how we are seen, not how we think we look.
Ride safe, Ride hard