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Road Bikes 14th March 2011

Tonight was the third event for the club champs, the standing 400m time trial Race. Remember you need to be a member Bike Manawatu to be eligible for points towards the club champs. Look under the About us section of the website to find out how to become a member. There are 2 events remaining for A and B grade riders held on the 21st March; 2 Lap (800m) Scratch Race; and the 2000m Scratch Race. C grade riders have the 2 Lap Scratch race on the 21st March.


Final night the season is 28th March so there are 2 nights of racing remaining. Prize giving is planned for 12th April starting at 7.30pm at the rugby Club rooms next to the track. Please bring a plate for supper. We also welcomed several new riders, Emma, Daniel and Natalie Kendall and Josh Kendall from Tuesday night track bikes.

The rider of the night was B Grade rider James Cuff who was second fastest in the 200m time trial and won both the B grade 2 lap handicap and 2400m points races.


Club Champs Event 3: 200m Time Trial

Josh Kendall 19.27

James Cuff 20.43

Bryce Hirschberg 21.62

Chris Denholm 21.95

James Denholm 22.51

Cameron Worboys 22.67

Jayden Bond 25.05

Fergus Bryan 25.52

Daniel Kendall 26.83

Liam Ryan 28.11

Emma Kendall 28.34

Luke Challies 30.22

Jeorgie Cox 33.04

Sarah Humphrey 33.71

Levi Bryan 33.89

Gemma Humphrey 40.36

Other Racing

2 Lap Handicap

A Grade

1. Cameron Worboys

2. Josh Kendall

3. Bryce Hirschberg

4. James Denholm

5. Chris Denholm

B Grade

1. James Cuff

2. Daniel Kendall

3. Fergus Bryan

4. Jayden Bond

5. Luke Challies

6. Liam Ryan

7. Sarah Humphrey

C Grade

1. Emma

2. Levi Bryan

3. Jeorgie Cox

4. Gemma Humphrey

5. Natalie Kendall

6 Lap Points Race

A Grade

1. Josh Kendall 19 points

2. Bryce Hirschberg 14 points

3. James Denholm 13 points

4. Chris Denholm 9 points

5. Cameron Worboys 5 points

B Grade

1. James Cuff 20 points

2. Jayden Bond 14 points

3. Fergus Bryan 11 points

Daniel Kendall 11 points

4. Luke Challies 3 points

5. Liam Ryan 1 point

C Grade 3 Lap Points Race

1. Emma Kendall 13 points

2. Jeorgie Cox 12 points

3. Levi Bryan 10 points

4. Gemma Humphrey 5 points

Season Points as of 14th March 2011

(note: Club Champs are a separate competition and not included in the season points tally)

Fergus Bryan 170

Bryce Hirschberg 148

Jayden Bond 145

Levi Bryan 116

Cameron Worboys 114

Liam Ryan 113

Jeorgie Cox 107

Sarah Humphrey 83

Luke Challies 77

James Denholm 64

Thomas Ingram 62

James Cuff 56

Chris Denholm 55

Gemma Humphrey 50

Daniel Cox 41

Anna Stewart 27

Brittany Ingram 24

Tegan Roffe 20

Emily Shearman 13

Libby Arbuckle 13

Emma Kendall 12