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RIP John Lithgow

John Lithgow 21.10.1947 6.6.2023

Such a tragic end to his life & a shock to everyone involved in the Palmy Cycling clubs/groups. No matter how/why this accident occurred it is a grim reminder that we all (road users, cycle, car, truck whatever must somehow :Share the road with care:.

His personality & quick witty answers shone through on many occasions & his friendship & assistance on rides was always available when required by many having a tuff day out for whatever reason.

John held his hand up & legs ready to assist on many fundraising rides for youth charity.

Memories of the 3 person bunch of 65 year old posties riding from P.nth return via Napier/Taupo/Taihape in totally undesirable weather springs quickly back to my memories. The lads were not fully prepared for the weather changes & my *spare* kit certainly did the rounds during the weather promptings !!.

Although , because of health issues John was not a regular recent Sunday rider, those present just this last Sunday were all chuffed to have had a small chat with him as he changed his dog walking route & stopped for a quick chat, on reflection now, so very poignant & a memory to treasure.

Farewell John, Thanks for the memories & the sharing of your ”LIFE CYCLE” with so many.

Photo 1. Finished 650km.. John Lithgow, Colin Anderson, John Burmeister

2.Legends of Manawatu Cycling. Colin Anderson, John Burmeister, Brian Hughes, John Lithgow, Mike Keenan (life Member Manawatu Masters)

Photo 3. Final Training ride– Professionals (not quite). John Burmeister, Colin Anderson, John Lithgow.

Photo 4. BP. Feilding, Coffee stop — Brian Hughes, Cliff Hughes, John Lithgow, Colin Anderson, Wayne Butcher