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Results Wednesday Time trials week 2

What a difference a day makes / Twenty-four little hours / Brought the sun and the flowers / Where there used to be rain Originally written in Spanish but popularized by Dinah Washington. Oh so true as if anyone was thinking about doing a time trial on Tuesday it would have been cancelled but there was hardly a breath of wind on Wednesday.

A good turn out of 50 riders with again more new people coming out to have their first crack at a time trial for the season or first time ever.

Thanks to Mike Simpson for taking control of the night and even stepping up with the laptop to do the timing/results. Thanks also to the helpers on the night. Rebecca Denholm at registration, Pete Robson at the turn, Michael Groube, Chris and Kirsty on the start and finish.

Already there are 20 people on 4 points so the coming weeks will see more and more people trying to keep their points tallies as high as possible. It is very apparent when a few people try to beat the system by not putting all effort in to producing the best time possible. Time trials are all about trying to better your own time, so by taking it easy one week just so you can improve the next week by going at a regular pace may be the downfall of some people as the weather always plays an important factor.

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