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Results W C N I Track Championships held at Wanganui –Sunday 16th February 2013

by | Feb 18, 2014

Under 17 Boys 2000Mt Pursuit

Andrew McKensie 2.42.69

Fergus Bryan 3.07.70

Cody Simpson 2.34.80

Chris Denholm 2.31.70

Fergus Allan 2.40.60

Campbell Stewart 2.25.16 (new WCNI record)

Carne Groube 2.28.68

Under 17 Girls 2000Mt Pursuit

Lakein Cottam 3.01.24

Emily Sherman 2.50.66

Simone Davies 2.57.81

Michaela Drummond 2.40.14 (New WCNI Record)

Vet woman

Megan Blatchford Peck 2.59.28

Under 19 Girls

Ruby Perry 2.40.25

Maxyna Cottam 2.40.42

Renee George 3.01.95

Under 19 Boys

Luke Mudgeway 3.36.42

James Denholm 3.47.78

Josh Kendall 3.46.24

James Cuff 4.33.01

Joel Yates 4.02.88

Maxyna Cottam Pursuit Record Attempt 2.38.18 (New WCNI record)

Para Cyclist

Stephen Hills 4.43.25


Masters 1

Richard Horn 4.23.27

Masters 2

Peter Jenkins 2.35.78

John Stewart

Open Men

Mikey McCullum 5.13.73

Zane Alexander 5.11.64

Daniel Bell 5.19.26

JeremY Cottam 5.24.92

Denay Cottam 4.56.92

Matiu Kaihau 4.55.93



Under 17 Girls

Libby Arbuckle 14.61

Emily Shearman 14.74

Lakein Cottam 16.02

Simone Davies 14.75

Michaela Drummond 13.32


Under 17 Boys

Andrew McKensie 13.41

Fergus Allan 12.44

Cody Simpson 12.67

Chris Denholm 12.42

Carne Groube 12.17

Campbell Stewart 11.81

Under 19 Girls

Michaela Walker 14.52

Renee George 14.42

Kate Stewart 13.22

Ruby Perry 13.51

Under 19 Boys (Qualifying)

Liam Brown 13.07

James Cuff 13.25

Joel Yates 15.21

Luke Mudgeway 12.03

James Denholm 12.72

Josh Kendall 11.90


Open Men Sprints ( Qualifying)

Zane Alexander 12.05

Michael Hausenn 13.69

Jeremy Cottam 12.50

Denay Cottam 12.50

Daniel Bell 12.36

Phil Marfell 12.71

Matiu Kaihau 12.15

Masters One

Richard Horn 13.76

Under 17 Sprints

Emily Shearman versus Libby Arbuckle – Winner Round 1 Emily Shearman

Winner Round 2 Emily Shearman

Michaela Drummond versus Simone Davies Winner Round 1 Michaela Drummond

Winner Round 2 Michaela Drummond

Next Round : Emily Shearman Versus Michaela Drummond

Simone Davies versus Libby Arbuckle


Under 17 Boys

Fergus Allan versus Chris Denholm Winner Round 1 Fergus Allan

Cody Simpson versus Carne Groube Winner Round 1 Carne Groube

Campbell Stewart versus Andrew McKenzie Winner Round 1 Campbell Stewart

Repcharge Boys

Chris Denholm, Cody Simpson, Andrew McKKenzie Winner Chris Denholm

Under 19 Women

Kate Stewart versus Michaela Walker Winners Round 1 Kate Stewart

Winner Round 2 Kate Stewart

Ruby Perry versus Renee George Winner Round 1 Ruby Perry

Winner Round 2 Renee George

Winner Round 3 Ruby Perry

Under 19 Men


James Denholm versus Joel Yates Winner Round 1 James Denholm

Winner Round 2 James Denholm

Liam Brown versus James Cuff Winner Round 1 Liam Brown

Winner Round 2 Liam Brown


Demo event : Zane Alexander versus Richard Horn : Winner Zane Alexander


Senior Elite Men


Matiu Kaihau versus Michael Haussman Winner Round 1 Matiu Kaihau

Daniel Bell versus Phil Marfell Winner Round 1 Daniel Bell

Jeremy Cottam vesus Denay Cottam Winner Round Denay Cottam


Riders at this stage of competition agree to not continue with next stage of sprints, Medals for Elite Men to be allocated based on 200 times.


Under 13 Boys

Bryden Cottam 44.86 (New WCNI Centre Record)

Under 15 Boys

Thomas Garbett 38.46 (New WCNI Centre Record)

Alex James 40.35

Damien Hussey 41.52

Dylan Simpson 43.92

Under 15 Girls

Sophie Bloxham 41.00

Amy Horn 43.92

Danielle Porteous 47.32

Grace Saywell 45.48

Samara Fenn 47.56


Under 17 Boys

Carne Groube 37.30

Chris Denholm 37.59

Campbell Stewart 36.16

Fergus Allan 38.44

Andrew McKenzie 39.43

Cody Simpson 38.43

Fergus Bryan 42.60

Under 17 Girls

Michaela Drummond 39.45 (new WCNI record)

Emily Shearman 42.04

Libby Arbuckle 43.10

Simone Davies 43.52

Under 19 Girls (500 TT)

Kate Stewart 39.20 (new WCNI record)

Michaela Walker 43.00

Maxyna Cottam 40.84

Ruby Perry 40.68

Renee George 42.37

Para Cyclist (Kilo)

Stephen Hills 1.32.38

Under 19 Men (Kilo)

James Denholm 1.17.35

Joel Yates 1.18.60

Luke Mudgeway 1.09.76

Josh Kendall 1.10.88


Richard Horn 58.63

500 TT

John Stewart 39.25

Kilos 1000 Mt (Mens)

Matiu Kaihau 1.11.67

Denay Cottam 1.12.54

Jeremy Cottam 1.14.19

Zane Alexander 1.12.53

Daniel Bell 1.17.86

Phil Marfell 1.18.29

Michael McCulum 1.14.46

Michael Hausamn 1.22.30

SPRINT FINALS (Under 17 Girls)

Michaela Drummond Versus Emily Shearman (Gold Medal ride off)

Round 1 Michaela Drummond

Round 2 Michaela Drummond

Libby Arbuckle

Round 1 Libby Arbuckle

Round 2 Libby Arbuckle

GOLD MEDAL – Michaela Drummond

SILVER MEDAL – Emily Shearman

BRONZE MEDAL – Libby Arbuckle


Under 17 Boys – Semi Finals

Carne Groube versus Fergus Allan (Bronze Medal Ride Off)

Round 1 Crane Groube

Round 2 Carne Groube

Campbell Stewart versus Chris Denholm

Round 1 Campbell Stewart

Round 2 Campbell Stewart

Final Campbell Stewart versus Carne Groube (Gold Medal Ride)

Chris Denholm Versus Fergus Allan

Round One Fergus Allan

Round Two Fergus Allan

Carne Groube versus Campbell Stewart

Round One Campbell Stewart

Round Two Campbell Stewart

Gold Medal Campbell Stewart 11.81 (new WCNI record)

Silver Medal Carne Groube

Bronze Medal Fergus Allan

Under 19 Woman (Sprint Finals)

Bronze Ride

Renee George versus Michaela Walker

Round 1 Renee George

Round 2 Renee George

Gold/Silver Ride

Round 1 Kate Stewart

Round 2 Kate Stewart

Gold Kate Stewart

Silver Ruby Perry

Bronze Renee George

Elite Mens Keirin

1st Zane Alexander

2nd Denay Cottam

3rd Luke Mudgeway

4th Jeremy Cottam

5th Matiu Kaihau

6th Michael McCullum


Womans Keirin

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Ruby Perry

3rd Maxyna Cottam

4th Michaela Walker

5th Renee George



8 new records for WCNI