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Results Road Bikes on the Track Monday 12th March 2012

It is great to see that the club champs have been well patronised and there has been some good competitive riding happening out on the track. End of season prizegiving is looming but apart from club champs there is the point series to complete. There is one more week available to earn valuable points. And then the final night will be a fun night with lolly scrambles and perhaps a novelty race like riding around the track the wrong way – and I have heard that lollies occasionally get thrown in the wrong direction and end up in the grandstand so be sure to bring the family and friends along to see what you have been doing on the track. They may just get a lolly or two also.

Club Champs Event 5

Flying 400m

A Grade

1.      Chris Denholm                   31.59

2.      James Denholm                32.38

3.      Cameron Huston              32.95

4.      Jacob Sievwright               33.06

Also, Campbell Stewart          31.48 (not competing)


B Grade

1.      Sam Burne                          36.22

2.      Joel Yates                           36.30

3.      Fergus Bryan                      36.59

4.      Jayden Bond                      39.23

5.      Conner Carmody              40.76

C Grade

1.      Anna Stewart                     44.53

2.      Jeorgie Cox                        52.57

3.      Levi Bryan                          57.29

4.      Lachlan Carmody              58.48


Other Racing

2 Lap Handicap race

A Grade

1.      Cameron Huston

2.      James Denholm

3.      Jacob Sievwright

4.      Campbell Stewart

5.      Chris Denholm

B Grade

1.      Jayden Bond

2.      Conner Carmody

3.      Fergus Bryan

4.      Joel Yates

C Grade

1.      Lachlan Carmody

2.      Jeorgie Cox

3.      Levi Bryan

4.      Anna Stewart


Elimination Race

A Grade

1.      Campbell Stewart

2.      James Denholm

3.      Cameron Huston

4.      Chris Denholm

5.      Jacob Seivwright

B Grade

1.      Sam Burne

2.      Joel Yates

3.      Fergus Bryan

4.      Anna Stewart

5.      Conner Carmody

6.      Jayden Bond

C Grade

1.      Jeorgie Cox

2.      Lachlan Carmody

3.      Levi Bryan