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Results Road Bikes on the Track 19th March 2012

The final night finished early as rain began to fall. A good season has ended with some good racing and some new faces have put “the cat amongst the pigeons” and really mixed things up for the points. New riders will be warmly welcomed at the end of the year when the summer season starts again.

In the meantime remember that the prizegiving will be held on Thursday 26th April at Marist clubrooms, next to the Pascal St Stadium in Palmerston North. Please bring a plate for supper.

1000m time trial

A grade

1. Jacob Sievwright 1:35.10

2. Cameron Huston 1:36.41

B Grade

1. Sam Burne 1:42.32

2. Fergus Bryan 1:47.77

3. Joel Walton 1:48.64

4. Jayden Bond 1:55.10

5. Liam Ryan 1:57.57

C Grade

1. Anna Stewart 2:10.00

2. Jeorgie Cox 2:29.75

3. Levi Bryan 2:33.83


2800m Points race

A Grade

1. Cameron Huston

2. Jacob Sievwright

B Grade

1. Sam Burne

2. Joel Walton

3. Fergus Bryan

4. Liam Ryan

5. Jayden Bond

6. Anna Stewart

C Grade 1 lap Handicap race

1. Levi Bryan

2. Jeorgie Cox

Anna Stewart