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Results from Tuesday track 8 November


A grey sky threatening rain and a light to moderate Norwest wind greeted the riders to Johnston Park on Tuesday night for the first competitive track night of the season. While Mother Nature had her glum face on the outstanding turnout of 45 riders plus supporters decked out in vibrant lycra representing every colour in the spectrum helped to fire up the energy levels as potential and speculation was about to give way to reality.

The programme was adjusted as the threat of rain could not be ignored and the longer handicap races moved ahead of the scheduled one lap scratch races. The race of the night was provided by the ladies in the 6 lap handicap event. The skills of the handicapper were tested as he had riders ranging from World and National champions to absolute first timers in a bike race of any kind. Scratch riders Megan Blatchford and Kate Stewart gave limit riders Renee Wadsworth and Toni Loveridge 300 metres in the 2400 metre race. The scratch riders started aggressively as they tried to reel in the other 5 riders as quickly as possible. The other riders calmly got into their work and Renee was able to maintain her margin into lap 4 of the 6 lap race. The scratch riders joined the middle grouping with two laps to go and joined the train to gather in Renee, which they did with a little over a lap to go. Sharon Hollenstein and Tegan Rolfe kicked on with scratch rider Megan to finish 1,2,3 and a gallant Renee holding on for fourth, Kate’s early work caught up with her as she took up the fifth position.

Senior rider of the night was awarded to Matiu Kaihau due to his dominance of the men’s races and the junior rider of the night was awarded to Michaela Drummond for an outstanding performance on the bike and while she failed to catch Emily Shearman in the handicap race her effort was noteworthy and a further illustration of her class.

Track Manager Ian Gray’s report.

Great to see a record number of track riders for opening night (45 riders) and all grades were well represented except the under 17 girls. The scratch races gave us some guide to the handicapping but it will take a few meetings to improve it, when we can gauge riders abilities better. It was great to see all the new riders had taken in the advice of orientation night and we didn’t see any “wayward” riding, which was good. There looks to be some promising riders amongst the “rookie” riders. Remember to check your bikes each night before racing and if you think anything’s not quite right especially chain tension, contact one of the officials. Two things already have happened attributable to false checking, one being a loose pedal coming off and the second when a rider pulled his foot out at the start resulting in a spill. Make sure your cleats are tight and are not worn – if so, replace them!

Remember all rules are put in place for fairness and safety and must be strictly adhered to. Next week we will have the starts indicated by the retort of the starting gun. No starting before the gun! In the handicap races you are allowed a push start. There will be a warning whistle, 2-3 seconds pause, then a second whistle followed immediately by the gun. Last Tuesday some riders were trying to start before the appropriate signal. I have asked Commissaire Tim Whitehouse to be vigilant to ensure nobody starts before the gun. Penalties may be incurred if riders transgress this rule – be warned!!!

Good luck next Tuesday.


Under 17, under 19, Senior and Masters Women 3 lap scratch race

1st Megan Blatchford

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Kelsi Eccles

Under 15 Boys 2 lap scratch race

1st Alex West

2nd Campbell Stewart

3rd Chris Denholm

Under 15 Boys 2 lap scratch race

1st Robert Stannard

2nd Owen Ratcliffe

3rd Cody Simpson

Under 15 girls 2 lap scratch race

1st Michaela Drummond

2nd Emily Shearman

3rd Grace Castles

Under 17 boys 3 lap scratch race

1st Jordan Castles

2nd Cameron Howell

3rd George Roberts

Under 19 and Senior men 4 lap handicap scratch race

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Luuk van Wagtendonk

3rd Josh Chard

Masters men 3 lap handicap scratch race

1st Brent Zimmerman

2nd Shaun Matena

3rd Pete Wenborn

Under 15 girls 4 lap handicap race

1st Emily Shearman

2nd Michaela Drummond

3rd Grace Castles

Under 15 boys 5 lap handicap race

1st Robert Stannard

2nd Owen Ratcliffe

3rd Campbell Stewart

Under 17,under 19 and masters women 6 lap handicap race

1st Sharon Hollenstien

2nd Tegan Rolfe

3rd Megan Blatchford

Masters men 6 lap handicap race

1st Mark Wright

2nd Shaun Matena

3rd Brent Zimmerman

Under 17 boys 7 lap handicap race

1st Jordan Castles

2nd George Roberts

3rd Cameron Howell

Under19 and Men 10 lap handicap race

1st Matiu Kaihau

2nd Luuk van Wantendonk

3rd Josh Chard

Under 15 1 lap scratch race

1st Campbell Stewart

2nd Alex West

3rd Owen Ratcliffe

Under 15 1 lap scratch race

1st Chris Denholm

2nd Robert Stannard

3rd Carne Groube

Women 1 lap scratch race

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Kelsi Eccles

3rd Renee Wadsworth

Masters 1 lap scratch race

1st Brent Zimmerman

2nd Megan Blatchford

3rd Pete Wenborn