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Results from Rongotea Time trials

A special thanks to this weeks helpers, Cameron Gibbons who mastered the art of starter and timing ably assisted by Kirsty Kaihau and Katherine Stannard. Katherine was also the turn marshall on the 16km turn. The course required a number of marshals not only at the end turns but also at the 2 tricky intersections Kaimatarau Rd and Glen Oroua. These roles were completed by Grant Shearman, Brad Johnson, Tom Pirie and Steve Glasgow. Only a couple of riders got a bit side tracked when they turned the wrong way at Glen Oroua and headed down Milner Rd on the return journey rather than returning the way they headed out.


For those that will compete in the club time trial champs they have had a taster on what the course can be like in windy conditions and know where the turns are and to be aware not to take the wrong turn.

Barry Gilliland had an interesting time for the 40km and we are not sure if the 40km course is 40km exactly or a bit more, regardless in the conditions it was a superb time.

40 km      
Gilliland Barry   1:00:04
Waterland Mark   1:02:18
Rainham Ross   1:02:24
Edwards Pat   1:03:30
Russell Geoff   1:03:58
Goodwin Jocelyn   1:06:28
Jackson- Grammar Jake   1:07:27
Pollock Neil   1:23:10
Hamilton Jessica   1:23:25
Pirie Catriona   1:26:29
25 km      
Blatchford  Megan          41.17
Groube Carne          45.16
Taylor Glenys          51.00
Stannard Elizabeth          30.41
Shearman Emily          32.39