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Results for 7th December 2010

Track Cycling

Considering the less than stellar weather conditions with a fragrant easterly wind
and a cool overcast sky the 23 riders entertained the chilled crowd with some
close racing and some even closer finishes. The first race up was to set the scene
with 12 green and enthusiastic riders staying in a tight bunch until the last 150
meters of their 6 lap warm up race with all riders making a charge from all parts
of the track for the finish line. The eventual winner, Jordan Castle started the
final 150 meters at the rear of the bunch with the only daylight available on the
outside of the bunch and close to the fence, he rose from the seat and assumed
the sprinters position and proceeded to take the longest way home around the
entire field to pip Kelsi Eccles on the line with a blanket able to cover all starters.
The rest of the programme had equally entertaining miss n’ out and handicap
races. The night also had 5 riders attempt track records with two new records set
over the flying 200m distance. Megan Blatchford smashed the senior woman’s
mark by 1.58 seconds with a time of 13.86 seconds and Brent Zimmerman
equally dominant in knocking 1.36 seconds from the masters 2 time.

The A and B grade miss n’ out race began with a field of 11 riders and on the
completion of each lap the rider caught at the rear of the field is eliminated from
the race until the field is reduced to four riders then it becomes a one lap race to
the line. This race captivates the crowd as they can see riders making surges for
the line when the riders can’t, as for safety reasons they must only look ahead
and not behind, this results in riders thinking they are safe when only the chasing
rider and the crowd can see how vulnerable they are to elimination. This goes on
for each lap and only to be stopped by an all out four rider one lap dash for the

It is pleasing to see the riders improve in ability and fitness over this early stage
of the season thanks in no small way to being able to compete every Tuesday
night. The night was also marked by the recognition and farewell of Lachie
Ferguson, acknowledging his rider of the night award for last week and wishing
him well for his future in Rockhampton Australia. Lachie received the latest
Kennet brothers cycling book ‘Louise Sutherland- Spinning the Globe”.

These are the results:

Rider of the night as selected by Denise Brown was Jordan Castle because of his
gutsy efforts in all of his racing on the night including missing the track record in
the 200m by only .09 seconds.

Under 15’s and Under 17 girls 6 laps
1st Jordan Castle
2nd Kelsi Eccles
3rd Campbell Stewart
4th Joshua Kendall

A and B Grade 7 laps
1st Megan Blatchford
2nd Steve Stannard
3rd Brent Zimmerman
4th Ross Castle

Under 15’s and Under 17 girls 2 lap handicap

Heat 1
1st Robert Stannard
2nd Micaela Drummond
3rd Ruby Perry
4th Brittany Ingram

Heat 2
1st Jordan Castle
2nd Liam Barber
3rd Elizabeth Stannard
4th Catherine Young

A and B grade Miss and Out
1st Jaycob Humphreys
2nd George Roberts
3rd Sean Whitehouse
4th Jonty Hapeta

200 metre flying time trials

Megan Blatchford

Brent Zimmerman

Campbell Stewart

13.86 seconds (new record)
15.44 seconds (old record)

13.62 seconds (new record)
14.98 seconds (old record)

15.87 seconds
14.45 seconds (existing record)

15.33 seconds
13.90 seconds (existing record)

13.99 seconds
13.09 seconds (existing record)

Under 15 and under 17 girls 3 lap scratch race
1st Kate Stewart
2nd Ruby Perry
3rd Kelsi Eccles
4th Michaela Drummond

Under 15 boys
1st Jordan Castle
2nd Campbell Stewart
3rd Joshua Kendall
4th Robert Stannard

A and B Grade 3 lap scratch race
1st Sean Whitehouse
2nd Megan Blatchford
3rd Mike McMinn

Under 15’s and under 17 girls 9 lap handicap race
1st Jordan Castle
2nd Campbell Stewart
3rd Kelsi Eccles
4th Kate Stewart

A & B Grade 18 lap Handicap
1st Steve Stannard
2nd Sean Whitehouse
3rd Megan Blatchford
4th Jaycob Humphreys