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Results club race Saturday 10 December


race assembly photo Kirsty Kaihau The last club race in 2011 was held at the mild undulating 9 km Tutaki circuit. A Small group of riders dropped the preparations for the festive season and came to race in windy conditions. Beacause of the low numbers A and B grade was combined to one field of 8 riders. They put on a good race. With attacks and break aways what finally resulted in a group of 4 riders sprinting for line honours. In this group it was Max Annaer just beating Steve Glasgow second and Eric Max Annaer Photo Kirsty Kaihau d’Arbois 3rd. During the race one rider decided to place an attack at the wrong side of the road what led to his disqualification. (We have to remember the playing field of our club races is the left hand side of the road)


C grade started with 5 riders. The wind reduced the group to only 2 finishers. Graeme Bull won in 49 minutes and 56 seconds before Toshi Yamauchi 2nd in 50:05.

Thanks to Kirsty Kaihau and John Stewart for running the race and Megan Blatchford for marshalling.

Results in full:

A and B grade 4 laps

1 Max Annear Henderson 1:02:15; 2 Steve Glasgow ST; 3 Eric d’Arbois 1:02:19; 4 Luuk van Wagtendonk 1:02:25; 5 Leon Danson 1:08:09; Matiu Kaihau DQ: Matt Elliot DNF; Josh Kendall DNF

C grade 3 laps

1 Greame Bull 49:56; 2 Toshi Yamauchi 50:05; John Clarke DNF; Michaela Drummond DNF; Takumi Clarke DNF




C grade Photo Kirsty Kaihau    A and B grade Photo Kirsty Kaihau Steve Glasgow, Eric d'Arbois Photo Kirtsy Kaihau