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UPDATED at 6.30pm Saturday 15th RECORD ATTEMPT “The Hour”


MARCEL IS AT TRACK and has said it is all go for RIDE FROM 7pm.

Marcel Hollenstein has decided to set an hour record for the Masters 4 age group (50 – 54yrs) within the club. 

There are two categories for “The Hour”.

  • Best Human Performance where the athlete can use all the hi-tech gear there is (aerobars, disc wheels, aero helmet etc)
  • The UCI Hour Record where the athlete is restricted to roughly the same equipment as Eddy Merckx which means
    • no time trial  helmets,
    • no disc or tri-spoke wheels.  The wheel or rather the rim profile has to fit within a 22 x 22 mm square.
    • no aerodynamic bars.  Only the standard drops allowed.
    • no monocoque frames

Marcel has decided to go with the UCI Hour record just so it doesn’t become an equipment battle (apparently he shares the same birthday as Eddy Merckx who set an world record back in 1972 at 49.431km)

What is the target?

According to Marcel 100 laps at the Feilding velodrome is a nice round number.   The track is 401.19m – so doing 100 laps would be an impressive 40.119km.

Why he thought this was a good idea:

1) I like riding the track bike.

2) It might be a bit of fun and give the younger chaps something to look forward to when they get to 50+!

3) It has been on my mind for many years but I never got ’round to it – just a nice item to tick off the bucket list.

Where and when:

Johnston Park Feilding

As this is weather dependent, we can’t give a definite day and time, but the forecast looks promising for thisSaturday 15th February

So, the one time I consider riding is late afternoon on Saturday – after 6pm.

 If for some reason the afternoon is not happening I will attempt to post on the web site.  see you at the track after 6pm. Marcel will be there from about 6pm a

Keep checking the web site for updates as we get closer to Saturday.