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RaboDirect National Club Road Cycling Champs Wanganui 5th – 8th May 2011

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Communiqué No.2

Welcome to the 2011 RaboDirect National Club Road Cycling Champs. In just a matter of weeks riders throughout New Zealand will have the opportunity to experience racing at its best in the fabulous Wanganui region on both ITT and road racing courses. Our thanks must go to the Wanganui Cycling Club whose industrious endeavors have made this National Championships possible.


The Panel of Commissaries’ for this event is appointed by the BikeNZ Road & Track Technical Panel. Our role is to ensure that UCI and BikeNZ Road and Track racing rules are respected and that every competitor has a fair and equal chance to deliver their best performance on the day. We look forward to working with team managers, supporters, event management and athletes to ensure the success of these championships.

Team managers and competitors need to be aware of some general rules and procedures prior to arrival at the champs and these are listed below:


1. Managers Meeting

Your club team Manager (or representative thereof) must attend this meeting. All announcements regarding the

racing will be given, along with any amendments to the programme or procedures.

This Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 4th May at 7pm and will be held at:

The Club Rooms, Cooks Garden, Maria Place, Wanganui

There will only be ONE managers meeting and all other information will be distributed by communiqué


2. Entries

2.1 All riders must have a 2011 National or International Licence at the time of entry. Team Managers and all other

club officials must also be appropriately licenced. Entries are to be done online through the BikeNZ website by

your club secretary.

2.2 The Club Championships are closed to NZ Registered Trade Teams. However, Trade Team riders may enter, only

via the club they are licenced with. Trade Team riders are permitted to wear their team uniform, but will be entered

only as club riders and will be recorded in official results as club riders

3. Licences

3.1 Licences will NOT be collected at the Managers meeting. However, riders, team managers and other club officials MUST be licenced at the time of entry. This will be verified by BikeNZ.  

3.2. Note that riders, managers and other club officials must have their licence with them at the Champs and it must be

available to be presented if requested by the Commissaries’, as per UCI Regulation 1.1.003

3.3 Any medical certificates are to be presented at the first Managers Meeting.

3.4 If any rider is scratched after the closing dates for entries, the team manager is to supply a written explanation

and/or medical certificate to the Commissaries’ Panel.

3.5 For clubs that may not be represented at the first or subsequent meetings please contact Race Management for

communiqués and associated information

4. Rules

Racing will be conducted under the appropriate BikeNZ Road & Track and UCI Regulations.

As all events take place on open roads, it is a condition of racing that New Zealand traffic rules are adhered to. It is

also of the highest importance that helmets are worn at any time a rider is on their bike. Riders must keep left and

where marked, must ride to the left of the centre line at all times.

5. Equipment

5.1 Bicycles with fixed wheel are not permitted to be ridden in any events

5.2 Helmets must be compliant with appropriate NZ Standards for use on open roads, including those used in the

Individual Time Trial.

5.3 Junior Grades will be subject to the appropriate gear restrictions, defined by rollout distance:

U15 – 6.00m, U17 – 6.610m, U19 – 7.93m

5.4 Wheels for Junior U15 and U17 must have a minimum of 16 spokes and must not be made from composite

materials. Both the Mavic Ksyrium ES and SL wheels have carbon fibre front hubs and therefore because these

wheels contain some composite materials, they are not accepted in U15 and U17 BikeNZ Road & Track events.

5.5 Junior U15 – Handlebars must be of a standard or classic style. Handlebar extensions are not permitted in Junior

Under 15 racing

5.6 Junior U17 – Handlebars must be of a standard or classic style, but bolt on handlebar extensions are permitted for

Time Trial Events

5.7 All riders will be required to attach timing transponders to their bikes, to enable the electronic timing to operate.

These will be provided.

5.8 UCI Equipment Regulations 1.3.001 to 1.3.025 will be applied as per UCI Requirements. As always, the ultimate

responsibility rests with the athlete to be familiar with the regulations and to ensure that their equipment complies

with all aspects of those regulations. Technical checks will be conducted for all riders in the Time Trial and at

random for the road races.


6. Riders Apparel

6.1 Riders must only wear their approved Club jerseys and shorts, with the exception of those club members who are

also registered Trade Team riders – these riders are permitted to wear their trade team uniform. For other riders,

shorts may only carry that sponsorship which is detailed on the riders racing licence. A start will be refused for

any incorrectly attired rider. Do not expect to be able to start at a later time. Managers and coaches please do

not put your rider in this position  

6.2 If you have any queries regarding attire, these must be addressed prior to your arrival at Wanganui. Please

contact the Chief Commissaire directly (details at the end of this communiqué).



7. Time Trial

7.1 Race Numbers – Only one is required for this event, as low as possible on the back pocket

area and to the left of centre, so that it can be viewed by finishing judges and commissaires.

7.2 Start Times – Please ensure that your riders are presented to the start at least 5 minutes prior to their start time so

that bike checks can be carried out. Once checked the bikes will be confined to the immediate start area.

7.3 Riders will be held in the start box. Riders will not be restrained while the starter is completing

the countdown. Accordingly, riders who break the start will be awarded a time penalty.








7.4 Support – There is no rider support allowed in this event. A Sag-wagon will pick up riders who are forced to

abandon the event. The roads are very narrow and it is essential that managers and supporters do not follow

riders. Penalties will apply if club or supporters vehicles are seen on the course.

7.5 Only cyclists who are in competition are to be on the time trial course. Warm ups are not permitted on the course.

 The course will be closed 30 minutes prior to start time. Offending riders will be penalised.


8. Road Races

8.1 Race Numbers – Two numbers must be worn, one on the lower back pocket area, the other on the left flank to be

visible to judges.

To ensure correct judging and timekeeping it is imperative that the numbers are correctly worn/ positioned as per

our instructions, not how you think they should be worn. This is the responsibility of the Rider and Team Manager.

There will be a number positioning guide in with race numbers & champs info, along with a numbered jersey on

display. If numbers are not worn/ positioned correctly riders will be asked to change them.

8.2 Support – Neutral Suppport will be provided. All clubs are to provide a set of wheels to cover all races. Please

identify your wheels with your clubs name on cardboard and bring to the managers meeting so they can be

checked in and packed in the support vans pre racing Wednesday 4th. This will mean less handling, confusion and

save time. Officials will endeavour to get the correct wheel to a rider, but no guarantee can be given. Priority for

service will be to those riders in medal contention. All service will be on the left side of the road only, riders must be


8.3 Club managers and supporters are not to follow riders or interfere with the official race convoy.

8.4 Clubs may be called upon for volunteers to assist with; driving lead cars, commissaire vehicles and support

vehicles. This may include providing a vehicle and as a guide, for every 10 riders we will be looking for 1 vehicle

and or helper.

8.5 Feeding – A feeding zone will be provided for those races over 90km. You may only feed your riders in the

designated zone and from the left side of the road. The opening and closing windows for feeding will be advised

prior to the respective races. Note that the term “feeding” includes the supply of additional drink bottles.

8.6 Riders must keep left and if marked, to the left of the centre line at all times.

8.7 Only cyclists who are in competition are to be on the race circuit. There are no warm-ups on circuits during racing


9 Sign On

All riders must sign on 15 minutes prior to the start of their events. The sign on sheet will be in the vicinity of the

Start area


10 Withdrawals

Any rider withdrawing from a race must remove their race numbers and hand them to a commissaire as soon as

 possible. It is important that you advise finish line officials if you do withdraw.

11 Protests

Any protests are to be made to the President of the Commissaires Panel (PCP) as soon as possible after the

event. Only a team manager is permitted to protest and must do so in a courteous and professional manner. Any

decision of the Commissaires Panel is final, there are no appeals.


12 Medal Allocation

12.1 Gold, silver, and bronze medals are awarded for National Championship events.

12.2 Medals are awarded based on the following guidelines: If there are 3 riders in a race category only a gold medal is

awarded, 4 riders gold and silver, and 5 riders or above, gold, silver and bronze are awarded.

12.3 There is a formula for Medal presentations for Paracycling athletes, with medals awarded based on race time

matched against World Podium Standard. The percentage difference will determine what medal, if any, is

awarded. This formula is determined by Para-cycling officials, with final approval by BR&T for use in these


12.4 Where categories are combined into one race due to entry numbers, medals will still be awarded for each

category within that combined race on the basis described above. The numbers of medals being raced for in any

particular event will be clarified at the managers meeting prior to the days racing once starters have been



13 Medal Ceremony Protocol

13.1 Medal Ceremonies will be held in the area adjacent to the start area immediately after the race finish

13.2 All riders shall, in accordance with their placing, participate in official ceremonies.

13.3 Riders must wear their official racing attire.

13.4 No sunglasses or caps etc to be worn on the podium.

13.5 Medal winners are required to wear their medals around their necks until they have left the presentation area

14 General

Spectators please be considerate at all times and take care around the start/finish line area.

Parts of the circuits are on very narrow roads, so it is essential that vehicle traffic is kept to an absolute minimum.

If you do head to a viewing position on the circuit, ensure that you head out before racing commences and make sure your vehicles are parked well clear of the carriageway.

Please note that there will be no riders permitted on the race circuit once racing has commenced. This includes warm-ups. We do also ask that whether you are racing, training or just riding back to accommodation, that you show other road users courtesy, adhere to all road rules and respect the environment.

I hope you enjoy your time in the Wanganui Region. If you are a visitor to the region, hopefully you will find time to enjoy the many delights this area has to offer.

I along with my fellow commissaires, look forward to enjoying some great racing with you.

Sue Lyttle Mark Ireland

President of the Commissaires Panel BikeNZ Road & Track Technical Panel

For any queries regarding this communiqué, please contact:

Sue Lyttle

021 2155645

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