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Quiz night huge success

With team names ranging from “Raining Champs” to “Mo Bros” and everything in between it was set to be a fun night. The first round was a round of questions based on photos from around NZ and the rest of the world including famous land marks and cycling events staged in the Manawatu. One question in this round asked to name some local cyclists. The correct answer was Jacob Humphries, Josh Chard and Jesse Sergent all riding on the track at Feilding. However one team thought that the third rider was “A Masters DUDE”.

At the end of the second  round there were only 4 points between the first team and the next 12 teams. The third round which were questions by Steve Stannrd was the round that saw the split in team scores develop and from this point on no team could pull back the advantage gained by “The Flyers”. Round 3 questions were all based on things “French” and it helped the flyers that one of their team members had lived in France for a number of years.


Steve Stannard was the quiz master for the night or as he mentioned at the start of the evening all officials took on the names of cycling officials. He became the Race Director.

Team “The Oddfellows” lived up to their name when in the second round the answer they wrote to the first question “Who would look sweet, upon the seat, on a bicycle built for two?” You will. Fortunately Steve was not checking all the answers. That was left to the Commissaires for the night, Katherine Stannard and Jason Kinghorn.

The final question in round four which was all about NZ had a few people stumped but in case you have ever wondered it is the temperature of the egg during incubation that determines the sex of the tuatara. Another piece of valuable information. You should always remember to learn something new every day.

The Tui questions in round 5 had all teams scoring about the same. The final round was general knowledge questions ranging from Olympic game history, school chemistry, horticulture, geography, maths and modern literature.

So don’t forget to look out in June of next year for details of the next quiz night and some more fun questions.

Final results

Table Team Name
1 Raining Champs 51
2 Velogirls and Partners 50
3 The Sprinters 40
4 Beautiful People 26
5 Mo-Bros 34
6 Bright Sparks 41
7 The Gorge Busters 39
8 No idea 46
9 The Muppets 51
10 The Chosen Few 45
11 The Odd Fellows 41
13 Living the Dream 49
14 Cheap Seats 48
15 The Pedals 38
16 The Flyers 57