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PNCC want to fix problems on roads…..

But you have to let them know where the problem is. The problem could be glass on the road to a pot hole in a cycle lane. Currently there are 2 methods of notifying them of a problem. Firstly there is the 0800 number. 0800 itdyup. And now PNCC have a free app called FIXiT.  fixit


Use the FIXiT Smart phone app to report issues or damage to Palmerston North City Council.

The free App allows you to take a photo, tag the location on a map and leave a description of the problem. The request is then logged with Council’s Contact Centre and the appropriate staff notified of the issue. Once logged in the system the person who sent the request will receive an acknowledgement.

FIXiT PNCC is available via the Apple App Store (iPhone) and Google’s Play Store (Android).