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Pilates for Cyclists

Pilates with Leanne

 Leanne RobinsonWHY? Many athletes use Pilates for ‘Core Strength’ and to refine the precise use of their body. Pilates is particularly recommended for Cyclists as cycling causes overuse in mobilising muscles and underuse in deep stabilising muscles, creating muscle imbalances that affect your performance and recovery.

Cycling is a healthy sport that enables you to become fit relatively quickly; however, it involves holding an awkward position for sustained periods of time, which may then result in the following imbalances and problems:

  • Dominant hip flexors, Hamstrings, Quadriceps
  • Weak gluteals (butt)
  • Tight shins, which means that you lose the ability to point the foot or hypermobile ankles
  • Shoulder protraction (rounded shoulders)
  • Tight pectorals and upper trapezius
  • Forearm overuse injuries
  • Upper limb nerve irritation
  • Low back pain due to being flexed forward and the back and pelvis being rigid

Pilates helps your muscles and joints build new memories to serve you more efficiently. 

Pilates works with your muscles, elongating, rebalancing and aligning them.


Instructor: Leanne Robinson – Certified in Pilates Matwork and Standing Pilates (and budding cyclist)

Cost $12

Or concession cards available.


Monday & Wednesday 5.30 – 6.30pm

Wednesday 1pm

Monday & Friday 9am

Where: St Albans Church Hall

Cost: $12.00 per class (concession cards available)

Bring: Yoga type matt (I have some available)

Wear comfortable clothing and a sense of humour (laughing is good for your abdominals)

I have designed a specific Pilates programme to target cyclists along with anybody else who wishes to improve their ‘Core Strength’ (hidden strength) and flexibility

Each week we focus on the different principals of Pilates e.g. Posture, breathing, co-ordination, balance etc using key exercises for cyclists.

Do not expect to have sweat dripping off you or be gasping for air. Pilates is not generally considered aerobic. It is about moving through exercise with control and focus.

For further information I can be contacted on: mobile. 0275 487 959 or by email.