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Perth to Adelaide Chapter 3


Day 11 Sunday Nullabor to Nundroo This I thought was going to be a relatively easy day.perth 7 018 The time zone had changed again back at the border – another 45mins so the sun was well up when I hit the road. As you can see by looking at the 2 signposts – the one going to Nundroo says 143 km and the one going the other way from Nundroo to Nullarbor says 144 as the sign at Nundroo was right at the entrance unlike the one at Nullarbor which was about a km outside. I was

planning on taking a slight detour to visit the Whale watch board walk just out of Nullabor.

From /To Day Distance Ave Speed Top Speed Time Climb  
Perth /York Thurs 13th 47.6 23.9 52.6 1hr 56 233  
York/ Bruce Rock Fri 14th 154 19.6 38.2 7hr 41 648  
Bruce Rock/Southern Cross Sat 15th 137 22.8 43.5 5hr 52 497  
Southern Cross /Coolgardie Sun 16th 186.2 24.1 42.1 7hr 32 536  
Kalgoorlie/Norseman Mon 17th 190.9 23.1 43.7 8hr 04 442  
Norseman/Balladonia Tue 18th 190.7 25.8 51.9 7hr 14    
Balladonia/Cocklebiddy Wed 19th 246.6 29.0 40.9 8hr 18    
Cocklebiddy/Madura Thurs 20th 91.8 21.2 54.9 4hr 13    
Madura/Eucla Fri 21st 182.3 25.4 40.0 7hr    
Eucla/Nullabor Sat 22nd 198.1 25.3 40.3 7hr 40    
Nullabor/Nundroo Sun 23rd 139.5 20.3 42.7 6hr 42    
Nundroo/Ceduna Mon 24th 120.5 23.7 42.1 4hr 54 242  
Ceduna/StreakyBay Tues 25th 113.3 22.6 46.2 4hr 54 276  

The slight detour was 12km out and 12 km back.But it was worth it.M & M would catch up to me there. Thankfully they arrived just before I was due to leave and I was 8km back along the road before they caught up to me.  perth 7 019perth 7 020perth 7 021perth 7 025perth 7 036perth 7 037perth 7 038perth 7 039perth 7 042perth 7 046perth 7 047perth 8 007It was so hard to take a photo at the right time. So as it was sooo cold I jumped in the campervan and hitched a ride for 20km. perth 7 049As soon as the end of the Nullarbor Plain was reached the first hill was in sight and the temperature made a remarkable increase.perth 7 050

But then there was climb after climb. perth 7 056Todays tally 2 roos, 1 dingo, and 1 BIG load (2 trucks )perth 7 058 murrays 3 013

And Murray was there to take my photo as I arrived at Nundroo.murrays 3 015

Tonight we have taken a detour out to Fowlers Bay for our accommodation rather than staying on the Eyre Highway. This pelican was all by himself  perth 8 002perth 8 004Fowlers Bay has a massive set of sandhills behind it. perth 8 006It is also the point where Edward John Eyre departed on his journey to cross the Nullarbor.

Day 12 Monday Nundroo to Ceduna. Another cold start to the day but as we had stayed out at Fowlers Bay I had to rely on M & M to take me out to the Eyre Highway to start my ride. perth 8 010Fog made the temperature very cold. As I headed towards Penong and Ceduna M & M headed back to Nundroo to play golf.

imageAgain there were some massive road trains on the road. This one pulled in next to us at Penong where we had stopped for morning tea. They passed me at regular intervals heading towards Ceduna and then there was just as many going the other way.perth 8 011

murray 5 001Unfortunately the shop that was offering free coffee to drivers at Penong was closed. Not sure how long it had been closed for.

The final destination for tonight is Ceduna, the oyster capital of Australia. perth 8 012perth 8 013perth 8 016A long train heading out to the wharf at Ceduna

perth 8 017Murray fishing on the jetty just along from our camping ground.perth 8 022And another day draws to a close.


Day 13 Tues Ceduna to Streaky Bay

imageperth 8 027And what is there to see today – same as NZ – paddocks, fences, trees, hills, a white line in the middle of the road, sheep. perth 8 028perth 8 033And eventually Streaky Bay comes in to view and another day on the bike is done.

 perth 8 029perth 8 030perth 8 031perth 8 032It took 4 photos to get the vista as I saw it.

The afternoon off the bike so time to do some sightseeing. So in the campervan and off to the whistling rocks and blowholes after a quick stop at Hallys beach.

perth 8 034perth 8 037perth 8 040Don’t fall in Murray – it is a long way down and I won’t be rescuing you.perth 8 042As I had only a half day on the bike I cooked dinner for the night. Murray had shucked the oysters for our entree.Note the wine glasses and candle. Dining in style tonight. perth 8 045

Day 14 Wednesday Streaky Bay to Elliston  Another early startperth 8 054 and the need to wrap up warm.murray 5 002Our camping spot for the night was right on the beach frontmurray 5 003murray 5 004murray 5 005murray 5 006.

perth 8 055M & M took the scenic route whilst I took the more direct route but took a 2 km detour to visit Murphys Haystacks. murray 5 008murray 5 009And although most people were walking around I was on my bike and stayed on it. perth 8 056perth 8 057perth 8 058perth 8 059murray 5 011murray 5 012murray 5 013murray 5 016murray 5 017murray 5 018murray 5 019murray 5 020

Back on to the main road and determined to make it to Port Kenny for morning tea but I had to stop to take this photo of a fox???? He was right next to the road as I biked past but ran back in to the paddock – thank goodness.

perth 8 060After smoko it was back on the bike and off to Elliston where I arrived for lunch and another half day of riding done.

So some more sight seeing in the afternoon. If only Murray knew how to read a map we would have walked directly to the lookout not made this detour.  perth 8 062

From the lookout we had views of beaches perth 8 063and bays within Waterloo Bay and Maree even ventured close to the edge. perth 8 065perth 8 066perth 8 067Then back to the campervan for a longer tourist drive perth 8 070perth 8 072perth 8 073perth 8 074The day was so nice I even ventured to have a paddle. perth 8 075perth 8 076perth 8 079perth 8 080Another day down – only a few to go now