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Perth to Adelaide Chapter 2


Friday 21 June Day  9 Madura  to Eucla TODAYS STATS – 20 Roos, 3 RFDS Emergency airstrips, 2 grids, 1 Super Super Super Woman

 Another early cold start. And not far out of Madura was the first airstrip for the day.

perth5 001perth5 002perth5 003

I must reiterate the fabulous truck drivers. I have only had 3 bad experiences out of 1000’s of trucks that have passed me. They give me plenty of room and the friendly waves will be something that I will have to stop doing when I finally get home.


perth5 004The second airstrip was 60 km out of Mundrabilla.perth5 006

This wedge tail was having a good feed and was determined that I was going to take his precious meal. So I rang my bell and shouted like I was yelling at magpies before he casually took to the skies.  perth5 007Then soon after our lunch break around a corner I met Super Woman. Real name Hermine Stampa-rabe from Germany.  She had already biked 7500km in Australia and would finish at Perth having completed 9000km. She told me to have a look on google for a U tube clip about her travels. I now also have her email address and I told her that if she ever came to NZ I would go for a ride with her.

And her age ? Google it – you will be amazed. perth5 008It makes me feel quite insignificant.

Third airstrip

perth5 009And off in the distance the Eucla roadhouse and buildings on top of the hill.perth5 010perth5 011

Half way up the hill I stopped – yes I was slightly buggered but also to take this pic of the sand dunes and first views of the ocean – Great Australian Bight.

And waiting up the hill was Murray Murrays 5 008 and he even managed to take a photo as I arrived at todays destination. Murrays 5 009Murrays 5 011

After checking in and a quick shower we headed off to visit the Old Eucla Telegraph Station that is slowly being buried in sand.

perth5 012perth5 013perth5 014perth5 024perth5 025perth5 026Another rainbow and another sunset. Tomorrow we will hopefully get many views of the ocean and hopefully even do a bit of whale spotting.

Saturday June 23rd Day 10 of biking Eucla to Nullabor  It wasn’t far from Eucla to the WA/SA border.perth 7 001

A quick stop to take a few photos and off again. perth 7 002perth 7 003perth 7 004perth 7 005perth 7 006perth 7 007perth 7 008And then not far there was the first glimpses of the Bunda Cliffs of the Great Australian Bight perth 7 009For several kilometres there were glimpses out to the Southern Ocean. A cold wind was blowing straight off it. perth 7 010perth 7 011And then the rain came. So before morning tea I was soaked to the bone. M & M came to my rescue with dry clothes and a hot cup of coffee.murrays 3 001 And they greeted me with the comment “Did you see that dingo? It crossed the road about 3 metres behind me

The next stop for the day was another photo opportunity of the Bunda Cliffs but as it was a bit off the road Maree drove me down and Murray was left on the side of the road holding my bike. perth 7 013After a quick click of the camera Maree took me back to where we had left Murray. He wasn’t to be found. About 1 1/2 kms down the road there he was. He made a quick jump off the bike and vowed never to get back on again. perth 7 015Jeans and moccasins and cap do not make good riding attire.

So as another long day of riding was drawing to a close I decided it was time to take a photo of my shadow perth 7 016

Murray was ready and waiting as I arrived to take a photo of the end of day 10murrays 3 006murrays 3 007murrays 3 008murrays 3 009Click here for next chapter