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Pahiatua Track and Saddle Roads

The ongoing inclement weather continues to make the task of clearing the slip and stabilising the hillside in the Manawatu Gorge extremely difficult.  The continuing slips have stretched out the task well beyond the council and contractors original estimates.  Our message to cyclist remains in place.  For personal safety reasons we are still recommending and encouraging cyclists to avoid using the Pahiatua Track and Saddle Roads as a training route.  You will be aware that the men and women’s cycle tour planned for the region in the New Year has been forced to change its route as a result. 

For those who regularly read the Manawatu Evening Standard, I noted a one page plea from Fonterra also asking cyclists to avoid using these routes.  To me such requests makes a lot of sense when the road offers a negligible verge and it seems pointless increasing the levels of risk to individuals when it’s totally unnecessary. Choose alternative routes and live to ride.