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Oh, if I could only blame the weather!

It was incredible to think that as I was standing on the finish line and commenting with the helpers standing there that when I was out doing my time trial I had a head wind all the way out and a tail wind sort of on the way back but now a few minutes after I had finished there wasn’t a breath of wind. So whether or not that would help those riders that were last off the rank or not we would have to wait and see when the results were finally tallied.

With the absence of Mike the duty of taking on the laptop was handed over to Chris who did a marvellous job along with his helpers that were dragged off the side of the road in some cases after we had already started. Thanks to Ross for holding at the start until Brendan took over and thanks also to Julie and Carol and Louise who helped on the start and finish lines. And a special thanks to Rob who went out to the turn.It just goes to show that with a small amount of instruction and good systems in place anyone can lend a hand and play a part in making these events the success they are proving to be.

These time trials are for all ages and all abilities, the youngest rider probably around 12 years and the oldest I won’t divulge. Average speeds ranging from the speedy 42km/hr right down to 20 km/hr

So if you haven’t had a go yet come out and give it a go over the next couple of weeks. You may be surprised at how much fun it really is.

Click here for this weeks results.