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October Strava Distance Challenge. How far can you ride in one month?

strava AndBikeManawatu

A Cycle Distance Challenge

Starting Saturday 13 October and continuing until 11th November a cycle distance challenge is running for anyone who uses the Strava website.

We’ll track the total distance travelled over the 4 weeks of the challenge for everyone in who belongs to the virtial “BikeManawatu Club” on

This is how it works.

There are a number of online web sites where people are tracking their rides, comparing distance travelled with their mates and generally having a bit of fun at the same time. The popular one at the moment is The introductory level of membership is free to use and the challenge costs nothing to participate.

What you have to do

All you have to do is log onto a web site called and create yourself a profile just like facebook. You follow members and they follow you. You can see what rides they have done how fast they went and who is the fastest over specific segments on the road.  

Once you are in there you’ll see a location called clubs [add pic]. Click on the BikeManawatu option (yes we have a presence in strava already). Once you have done that you will automatically “follow all those people in the virtual BikeManawatu club” and I will automatically be able to tally your distance travelled each week. I’ll be doing that manually in excel. 

If you have a bike computer with a GPS (such as a Garmin) or alternatively an smartphone (iOS or Android) then uploading your rides is fairly simple electronically. This is by far the easiest way to participate.  If you don’t have a bike computer or flash phone, with a GPS then upload your rides manually every time you ride.


View them here

At the end of each week I’ll tally up your distance travelled and we’ll see who can ride the longest cumulated distance in 1 month.

I’ll close the challenge down at midnight on Sunday 11th November

You need to be a virtual BM member before 13 October to participate

The prize. “Virtual kudos” lots of it.

It costs nothing to participate. If you are stuck with the set up call me on 3551053 (A/H) and I’ll help you out.

Malcolm Rees

BikeManawatu distance challenge coordinator