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Now is your chance to volunteer

You will see when you look at the calendar that for the races that have been added so far there are a number of jobs to be filled each race. This idea was seen on the PNP website and I am looking at introducing it to Bike Manawatu. As advised at the Sprint Cup we need everyone to put their hand up and help out with running the Saturday races. Volunteering is a great part of being involved in any sports club – its vital to the health of the club, it gives you a chance to give something back to your club, and you get to see just what goes into keeping each race safe.


The full calendar means that once again we need more race managers to step forward with the hope being that no one needs to manage more that one race for the year. We need Race Managers! – Will you manage a race for the club this year ?
This year we will be starting with our volunteer roster and inforcing the roster, with a requirement for those club members who have identified road as their primary or secondary discipline to volunteer for a race as a race manager or to assist with marshalling and race management – timekeeping , recording finish time/order, which should make that part of the race managers job a little easier. The full calendar will mean that we are going to require more race managers to step forward also. As a race manager you will receive plenty of support and we will provide you with an updated race managers manual detailing the responsibilities of the role and also a detailed traffic management plan for your course. Let us know if you are keen to manage a race when you volunteer.

Up until 30 January 2012 you can select a race to volunteer for by emailing the with your name, contact details and the date of the race based on 2012 season calendar. After then, if you haven’t selected one, one will be allocated to you.

If you cant make your date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement or swap, and then inform by email by and also let the Race Manager know. – its not fair to leave it up to the Race Manager or someone else to fill your absence! Your absence may mean a race being cancelled due to safety. The volunteer does not have to be you, it might be one of your supporters that will be cheering from the roadside at a race anyway. 

It promises to be a great season ahead, so time to start getting prepared! First up select your volunteer date and email to the then hit the road for some training. Looking forward to seeing you all at the races.