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Novice Tour

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October 2022
2 Days – 3 Stages 

U13 – U19 Boys and Girls 
Cycling New Zealand National Road Series

Online Entries

Online entries for the 2022 tour are open 
Please note all registrations recieved from 03/10/2022 will incur a $10 fee as our early bird special expires

The Course

Course maps, distances & information



All Novice Tour race results

Keeping safe from COVID-19 


Event Information

Novice Tour Overview

The Novice Tour of Manawatu is a tour for licensed under 13,15,17 & 19 riders and is recognized as a premier Two Day Cycle Tour.

In 2022 it is a 3 stage tour held within the Manawatu region.

We are proud to be part of the 2022 Cycling New Zealand National Road Series. 

After the recent cancellations of some of some of our schools cycling events, Cycling New Zealand have been working us to help create extra opportunities to encourage more of our schools riders to take part in these awesome club events.

So just for Yunca & Novice Tour events only, Cycling New Zealand have received special dispensation that enables the organisers to accept entries from named riders from affiliated schools (so you do not have to have a Cycling New Zealand licence) to take part. Cycling New Zealand have extend their thanks to both BikeManawatu and Cycling Southland for welcoming our school riders and have no doubt they will enjoy the experience and be back for more of the NRS racing in the New Year!

Important Information - Level 2

We all, (Clubs, riders & parents) want sport to continue into the future. Some of the things that have been asked of us and we are now asking you are tough to understand but are absolutely necessary for the running of this and all events in the future.

For this reason we are asking everyone to avoid “mass gatherings” at finish lines & around the start areas.

Remember to use the QR Codes to scan in, wear a mask when not riding, social distance, use sanitiser provided and most of all be kind.
Please help us, keep this event safe.

Below are our 2021 Guidelines we will update these for 2022 SHOULD we need to / depending on the system the government requrie. At this stage for 2022 we DO NOT have a bubble system implemented as a requirement but will continue to assess the situation as we go. Thank you 

📌 If you are affected by Alert Level restrictions please touch base with us asap so we know
📌 We will be implementing a “bubble system”
📌Under 17 Boys, Under 19 Men & Under 19 Women will become 1 “bubble”
📌Under 13 Boys & Girls, Under 15 Boys & Girls & Under 17 Girls will become another “bubble”
📌Under 13 Boys & Girls grades will be combined
📌Under 15 Boys & Under 17 Girls grades will be combined – {Yes our under 17 girls grades courses will be slightly shorter}
📌 Under 17 Boys & Under 19 Women’s grades will be combined
📌 We are working on a map on how our HQ will be managed with our bubble system, please stay tuned.
📌 Masks – For those of you who are attending, please ensure you bring your masks, this will be second nature for all anyway and this will be a requirement to wear these at our tour (masks do not have to be worn during racing)
📌 Scanning – QR Code scanning is MANDATORY at our event. We must work together to ensure sport can continue safely
📌 Social Distancing – We ask that everyone is very mindful of these requirements. We live with this on a daily basis at the supermarket and all other aspects of daily life at present. We do NOT want mass gatherings at the start and finish line so please be mindful of this over the weekend. commissaires and race organisers will monitor this. This will not only affect our event, but how we are seen to the community who very kindly allow us to run our event in their “backyards” 😉
Thank you for being understanding – lets work together to ensure the safety of everyone and enjoyment of our sport.
Take care & Stay safe

Bike Manawatu's Novice Tour - Covid-19 Approach

COVID Alert Levels Information

In n the present time in July 2022 

Possible Scenarios:

  • In Alert Level 4 – Our event will be cancelled
  • In Alert Level 3 – Our event will be cancelled
  • If the host region (Manawatu) is in Alert level 2 or lower and another region within NZ is in Alert Level 3. The region in Alert level 3 is excluded from the event
  • If NZ is in Alert Level 2. Our event will continue, with enhanced public health measures in line with Covid-19 guidelines.
  • If a region in NZ is in Alert Level 2 but the remainder of NZ is in Alert Level 1. The event will continue. Athletes from the Alert Level 2 region will need to follow enhanced public health measures – however the race director will run the event under Level 2 guidelines
  • If NZ is all in Alert Level 1 – The event continues
  • If the host region and other regions are in Alert Level 2 prior to the event and within days prior to the event a region goes back up to Alert Level 3. If a rider has already travelled to the Manawatu prior to this annoucement. For the safety of all of our riders, event crew and community, we will require all cyclists and their supporters from the newly annouced Alert Level 3 region to show proof of a negative test prior to attending our event.

Our Event Strategies in Level 2 to follow public health guidelines will be:

  • Mandatory contact tracing
  • Physical distancing of at least 1m where appropriate
  • Regular cleaning of common use facilities
  • 100 person bubble limit (This does not include officials, event team and staff)
  • Masks to be worn by all officials, event team, staff, spectators at all times in the event village
  • Masks are highly encouraged to be worn by riders at all times in the event village (Riders do not have to wear masks during the race / warm up)


At our event:

  • Hand sanitizer available
  • QR code. Scanning of this QR code will be mandatory
  • Face masks highly encouraged to be worn (includes event team & volunteers)
  • Public health guidelines communicated to all registered riders and families.
  • 1 volunteer to be the “Covid marshal” – ensuring hand sanitizer bottles are full, common use facilities are cleaned regularly, physical distancing is being adhered to

Prior to our event:

  • We will reinforce our public health messages via social media & race booklet

Race Bubbles

  • Riders will be split into two bubbles for the event
  • Bubble 1: Under 13 Boys & Girls, Under 15 Boys & Girls, Under 17 Girls
    Bubble 1 will be able to set up trainers etc on the field
    Bubble 1 has an allocated bathroom available near room 20 (HQ, classroom)
  • Bubble 2: Under 17 Boys, Under 19 Men & Women
    Bubble 2 will be able to set up trainers in the alleyway to the right of HQ (if looking out) and on the
  • basketball courts just around the corner
    Bubble 2 has an allocated bathroom available near the basketball court
    Please see our HQ map to help understand your bubble allocation area.


Race Procedures

  • Sign on will be at HQ – Our organiser will sanitise the pens in between use.
  • There will be no stage 1& 2 / jersey presentations under Alert Level 2 – We will post results to social media
  • As soon as your race finishes, please go to your car and head home – no socializing after the race. All riders are instructed to leave immediately after their event.
  • Briefing – All course information is details in this booklet / on our website. Riders briefing will be given by your commissaire during sign on.

Social Distancing

  • We must all adhere to the social distancing 1 metre guidelines – please respect these.

Reiteration of our guidelines

  • Riders, supporters and spectators must use the Contract tracing QR code that is displayed around the event to register their attendance.
  • Wear a mask when not exercising or within the event village.
  • If you’re sick, stay home. Please do not turn up at the event.
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms call your doctor or Healthline and make sure you get tested.
  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow, and regularly disinfect shared surfaces.
  • If you are told by health authorities to self-isolate you must do so immediately.
  • If you’re concerned about your wellbeing or have underlying health conditions, work with your GP to understand how best to stay healthy.
  • People will have had different experiences over the last couple of months. Whatever you’re feeling — it’s okay. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

If you test positive for Covid-19 following the event or are identified as a close contact from a positive case, contact event organiser immediately.

COVID-19 Management

The event recognizes the impact that COVID-19 has had on the country and in this case, the events industry.

The event will adopt the ‘New Events Sector Voluntary Code’ to deliver the event following best practice expectations based on the Ministry of Health guidance.

Below outlines the key measures which will be implemented to support the code:

• Contact Tracing (as mentioned above) 
– The event participants are required to pre event with their contact details. The event is able to contact.
– Parents, spectators and volunteers will be asked to sign in using our QR code at HQ
– Please ensure that you and your supporters use the contact tracing available at the event over the weekend!
– You can sign in manually through the form at the race office
– Volunteers who have filled in our volunteers form will have given contact tracing forms online also

– Hand sanitiser will be available at the race HQ and other points of around HQ (Ashhurst School) for those attending the event
– Masks are highly reccommended to be worn by all event staff, volunteers & spectators – as well as riders when not riding
– Masks are to be worn in the final podium prizegiving IF this is able to go ahead safely
– Gloves and Masks to be available to all volunteers who are in regular contact with others (holders)
– Our first aid provider will operate within their own COVID-19 operating procedures

The following message is sent to staff, volunteers, contractors and participants prior to the event regarding the expectations of their behavior during the event:

• If you’re sick, stay home. Please do not turn up at the event.
• If you have cold or flu symptoms call your doctor or Healthline and make sure you get tested.
• Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.
• Sneeze and cough into your elbow, and regularly disinfect shared surfaces.
• If you are told by health authorities to self-isolate you must do so immediately.
• If you’re concerned about your wellbeing or have underlying health conditions, work with your GP to understand how best to stay healthy.
• People will have had different experiences over the last couple of months. Whatever you’re feeling — it’s okay. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.
• For more information, click here

In the event that a participant is displaying COIVID-19 like symptoms – Once Bike Manawatu is notified we will endeavor to:
(1) inform individual and close contacts that they are to self isolate;
(2) inform COVID hotline on 0800 358 5453 and follow directions.


Athlete Information

The Novice Tour times and locatons are as follows:

Friday night (28th October 2022)

Registration at Central Bicycle Studio at 69 Walding Street, Palmerston North from 4pm – 6pm and again at the event base, Ashhurst School the next morning from 7.30am.

Saturday (29th October 2022)

12:00pm Stage 1 Road Race (large course) 

Sunday (30th October 2022)

8.45am Stage 2 Road Race (Shorter course) 
11.30am Stage 3 Individual Time Trial Course

Prizegiving 1.30-2pm Halcombe Community Hall HQ Area

General Information

Toilets will be available at Halcombe Community Hall & Halcombe Sports Grounds  

Spectator Traffic

For anyone spectating, we ask that you follow the traffic rules and park well off the roads and preferably around Location TBC
There shall be no vehicles or motorbikes following the race between the lead and tail vehicles in any grade.


General Classification
The competitor with the lowest aggregate riding time, less any bonuses, plus any penalties, shall be the leader of the tour.
Time Bonuses For General Classification
1st = 10 sec
2nd = 5 sec
3rd = 3 sec
4th = 1 sec

Sprint Ace Competition
The competitor with the greatest number of points from the Sprint Primes shall be the Sprint Ace
Points for the sprint Ace Classification:
1st = 6 pts
2nd = 4 pts
3rd = 2 pts
4th = 1 pt
The finish of stages 1 & 3 count towards sprint ace competition

King / Queen of the Mountain Competition
The competitor with the greatest number of points from the KoM / QoM Primes shall be the King/ Queen of the Mountain
Points for the KoM / QoM Classification:
1st = 6 pts
2nd = 4 pts
3rd = 2 pts
4th = 1 pt

Most Aggressive Rider
Under 17 Boys & Girls and Under 19 Mens Grade only.
Selected by the Commissaires and awarded to the most combative rider.


  • The race will be conducted under CNZ rules, in addition to the following:
  • All appeals must be submitted to the Chief Judge in writing within 30 minutes of stage finish, with a fee of $50.
  • Only feeding zone will be for U19 Boys at the top of Valley Road for Stage 3 (Sunday)
  • To be eligible for the winner’s jerseys at prize giving, all stages must be completed.
  • All service must be carried out on the left hand side of the road by neutral service only.
  • Riders who deliberately break the road rules, will be warned/penalised/disqualified from the race at the discretion of the Commissaires.
  • Restarts will be given to riders who puncture or have a major mechanical breakdown within the first 200m of the time trial. Time penalties will be given for false starts.
  • Riders who puncture or have a mechanical after the first 200m will be credited with their own time or time of slowest rider who doesn’t have any mechanicals, whichever is fastest.
  • No drafting by service vehicles will be permitted. Any rider being assisted up hills/back to the bunch will be disqualified. Any riders vehicles following in the race convoy will incur a time penalty against the rider.
  • There will be no appeals regarding misdirection. Riders should know the course.
  • No riders are to warm up on the Time Trial course.
  • In the event of a tie, the placing in the final stage will decide the overall placing (All classifications).
  • Riders must finish within 20% of the winning time to begin the next stage, at the sole discretion of the Chief Commissaire
  • Riders may be asked for a gear check at any time. Maximum roll-out for under 13 and under 15 riders is 6.61 metres, under 17 is 7 meters and under 19 is 7.93 metres.
  • Riders must be present at the prize giving after the race to collect their trophies and any spot prizes.  Correct cycling clothing and shoes must be worn on the podium.
  • The Commissaires shall decide upon matters not accounted for in these rules.
  • No Time Trial Bikes allowed in 2022
  • No Aero Bars allowed in 2022
  • Standard gear for U13 & U15 riders
  • Helmets as per the CNZ Rules

Sign On . Roll Out

Riders must sign on for all stages except the Time Trial
Roll out is compulsory for all riders prior to the Time Trial. Once rolled out riders must proceed straight from the Roll Out area to the Start Chute.
Roll out is compulsory for the first five finishers in each stage and for other riders at the discretion of the commissaire.


*Riders may be asked for a gear check at any time. Maximum roll-out is as follows
U13 – 6.61 metres
U15 – 6.61 metres
U17 – 7.00 metres
U19 – 7.93 metres

Race Numbers Placement

One of the Middle Lower Back
Second on the Left hand side – readable for the Sprint & K/QoM Judges

*Race Numbers & Transponders must be returned at the completion of your race or you will be invoiced and charged for their replacements.


Each participant will be issued with a seatpost transponder pictured below.
If necessary you can put it below the clamp.

Event Village

**2022 Event Village for Halcombe will be released soon**

2021 Event Village for Ashhurst Primary School

96 Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst 4810

Please do not park in the Valley Centre car park, along Cambridge Ave or the cricket pitch in the school grounds.

T = Toilets
C = Coffee Cart
HQ = Event Village Central – HQ & Sign On Area


****Stay Tuned for our new 2022 courses located in and around Halcombe***

Novice Tour 2021 Course Maps
Saturday 30th October 2021
Stage 1 – Road Race – Hiwinui, Colyton Loop

Stage 2 – ITT – Ashhurst to Pohangina (1 Way)

Sunday 31st October 2021
Stage 3 – Road Race – Valley Road Circuit

ITT Start List

Novice Tour 2022 ITT Start Times

SATURDAY 29th October 2022
First Rider off at 1.30pm

Novice Tour 2022 ITT Start Times

Race Booklet

Please stay tuned for our 2022 Race Booklet which will be uploaded for you here

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact Details or 021 152 3306 – Keryn

Traffic Management will be in place – Central TTM
Wilton First Aid will be in attendance Brian Wilton 027 488 9190 & Dean 021 304 936

Palmerston North Hospital 06-356 9169 OR 111

Entry Fees

Under 13 – $45 (Born in 2009, 2010 or 2011) ($55 after 03.10.2022)
Under 15 – $55 (Born in 2007 or 2008) ($65 after 03.10.2022)
Under 17 – $65 (Born in 2005 or 2006) ($75 after 03.10.2022)
Under 19 – $75 (Born in 2003 or 2004) ($85 after 03.10.2022)
Please note that a late fee sets in and prices go up $10 from the 3rd October 2022

We are VERY excited to once again be part of the Cycling New Zealand National Road Series

ENTER HERE for the 2022 Novice Tour

Age Grade Categories are calculated as at 31 Dec 2022.

Riders will be racing on their 2021 Cycling NZ license and age grade
Grade is based on your age as at the 31st December 2022
Under 13 = 12 or younger at 31 December 2022
Under 15 = 14 or younger at 31 December 2022
Under 17 = 16 or younger at 31 December 2022
Under 19 = 18 or younger at 31 December 2022


Some Reminiscences of the Tour

Ian Gray – Founder of the Tour in 1974

The Open Novice Tour of the Manawatu commenced in 1974 to inspire young U17 riders to compete in a major Open Tour. At that particular time the Palmerston North Amateur Road Cycling Club was putting all its effort and a large amount of money into running a three-day Tour of the Manawatu for senior riders. After much lobbing I managed to convince the club that they should also promote a tour for young riders so that could be encouraged to learn and experience Tour racing riding in bunches.

The first eight tours were sponsored by Glaxo when they were still a NZ company situated in Palmerston North. In 1974 they had just developed for the market that wonderful meal replacer Complan, which is still available today and has been used successfully by cyclists over the years. The tour was called “The Glaxo Complan Colts Tour of the Manawatu”. The field in those days was limited to thirty five riders, the logic being that a bunch of that size was large enough for young riders to ride safely in. No girls rode in those early tours. Later on, when a few girls started racing they were required to race with the boys. When girls racing became much more popular this enabled them to have their own separate tour from 2002.

In the early years the tour was run on the same weekend as the National Secondary Schools Sir Bernard Fergusson Teams Time Trials run at Levin on Saturday. Later on when the schools Time Trial event was expanded to include a road race on the Sunday this clashed with the Manawatu Tour, giving riders a choice, but the tour proved to be more popular.

The first Novice Tour in 1974 was convincingly won by Eric Mackenzie of Kawerau. Eric went on to become a very successful all round rider winning several National Track titles as well as winning The Tour of Southland, 2nd in the Tour of Manawatu and 4th in the Dulux 6 day (Auckland to Wellinton) in 1979. Eric rode successfully as a professional in Europe winning 17 races in Belgium in 1981. This record enabled him to get a pro contract during which he rode the Tour de France four times, winning a 3rd stage placing in 1983, and also achieving twelve top 10 stages finishes in those four tours.

Over the years the Novice Tour has given great experience to young riders many who have won the tour and then gone one to become well recognized riders by winning national and international events. These riders include Westley and Regan Gough, Jeremy Yates (winner of the Junior Wolds Road Title), Shane Archibald, Catherine Cheatley (nee Sell) Lee Vertongen and Gary Anderson (First NZ rider to win an Olympic Medal). Greg Henderson who finished second in 1992 who went on to ride successfully as a professional in Europe, came to be one of the best lead out sprint rider in the top tours, has just recently retired from top racing.

The Tour over the years has been successfully supported by major sponsors firstly from local companies who owners have been closely associated with the club, as well as some national companies. These include T Market Fresh, in 1989 whose owner Monty Hollows gave great support to Manawatu cycling for over 50 years, Pedal Pushers Cyclery when jointly owned by Gary Buys and Ian Gray; Rose City Real Estate (run by Max Vertongen), Electropower, NZ Post, Avanti and Mitre 10. We should not forget the huge number of small sponsors that have given invaluable support over the years as well as the trophy donors.

Since the tour began in 1974 only five Manawatu riders have won the tour. Aaron Kibblewhite in 1989 (who later represented NZ at the Junior World Track Champs) and Lee Vertongen in 1991. Lee became one of our best ever Manawatu riders who represented NZ many times including World Junior Track Champs, Commonwealth Games and still holds the NZ hour record on the track of 50.23 km set on the new board track at Wanganui in 1997. In the modern era Campbell Stewart and Michaela Drummond became tour winners in 2013 and 2015 respectively, both became Junior World Track Champions. Robert Stannard was the fifth Manawatu rider to win the tour in 2015. Andrew Burnett who won the KOM title in 1989 (and also 2nd on GC the same year) while Sjoerd van Wagtendonk (2008) Robert Stannard (2013) and Chris Denholm (2013) are the only other Manawatu winners in the hill climb category.

The 40th Anniversary Tour in 2013 was a milestone in the events history when it was expanded to include multiple grades from under 13 to under 19 years grades run in 4 stages over 2 days, instead of 4 stages in one day.
What has been really great about this tour over the years has been its excellent management and the many volunteers who have enthusiastically given their time to help run the tour, and this particularly includes the young riders who had previously ridden the tour, who loved being in the mechanics wagons helping and giving advice to the riders.
I would like to give encouragement and good luck to all riders competing in the Novice Tour this year. Do your best and enjoy it!

Novice Tour History

The Open Novice Tour of the Manawatu commenced in 1974 to inspire young U17 riders to compete in a major Open Tour


Event phots from current and past Novice Tours