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New on the website this week

altThe new BikeManawatu website has had a few improvements this week.

By now, all members (well at least those for whom we have an email address) should have received an electronic newsletter in your email.

In the coming weeks we will be creating a login for each of you.  Loging in to will allow you access to the members area and the ability to post to our club discussion forum…

Myself, Matthjis van Wagtendonk, Malcolm Rees and Glenys Taylor have all been adding content to the website.

Planned activities for the Website

Calendar – We are in the process of implementing a better calendar to keep track of all the many rides and activities of the combined clubs.

Newsletter – This week sees the first weekly email newsletter.  We use some website software to take articles from our website and create an email that goes to each of you.

What happens to the old websites

Once all the selected content is moved over to BikeManawatu, the old club websites will be shut down.  The website should be closed by the end of this month.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Email me on or post some thoughts on the website forum.


Vaughan Hunt