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New – Photo Gallery

 Photo Gallery
Kirsty Kaihau has been taking some great photos, and she suggested we have a “Photo Gallery” section on the website.

So I’ve added a new Section where we can put galleries of photos.  Try viewing the photos full screen by clicking the little arrow in the bottom right corner!

On our other website ( , we’ve used a Cooliris Plugin for Joomla called “Bonckowall”.  I guess it means something more exciting in Italian (where the developer is from).  I was pleased with the results, and I got a lot of positive feedback, so I’ll use it on the BikeManawato site as well.

For the techies among you, it’s a flash based component (sorry iOS users Steve Jobs won’t let you see the pictures) which creates thumbnails of the pictures  and displays them in a “moving wall” of photos.  The Photos themselves are stored in a PicasaWeb album.  This works really well because Kirsty (or any authorised person) can upload the photos directly from Picasa on their home computer, and the storage of the photos is free!

I hope you enjoy them.

If you would like to upload some of your own photos, see a blog I wrote earlier on how to upload photos.  Contact me for the account details.