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New membership portal available soon

If you have been wondering why you haven’t received info about membership fees being due it is because the new membership portal is not ready yet. It was suppossed to be up and running for 1 November but like all good things I am sure that it will be worth waiting for .

Below is an email received today from Bike NZ


Dear Clubs,
In order to complete thorough testing of the new membership portal, we have decided to delay the launch of the new BikeNZ
website for a short period of time.
Email invitations to join will be sent to members once the site is ready.
2013 membership forms, affiliation documents, and insurance information
will be sent to club administrators on Friday November 9, as planned.
Details regarding processing of forms will also be sent on the 9th.
Should you have any further questions regarding the new membership
structure, please refer to our dedicated membership web page.
Kieran Turner