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New members welcomed

On Tuesday evening 3 weeks ago a group of people from all over the region gathered at the Hockey Turf Pavilion to learn about cycling.

The Cycling Uncovered programme is organised and run jointly by Chris Foggin of Bike NZ and Suzanne Winterburn of Sport Manawatu.

It runs for 8 weeks culminating at the end with participants entering and completing their first ever event – the Tour de Manawatu.

Over the eight weeks they are taught everything from how to change a tube if they have a puncture, nutrition when cycling, how to ride in town, coping with other traffic and how to hill climb and ride in bunches.

Along with their entry to Tour de Manawatu they were also given membership to Bike Manawatu.

So we would like to warmly welcome the following people.

You are able to come along to any club event listed on the weekly newsletter and shown on the website calendar. When you come to an event just let us know that you have done the cycling uncovered programme and someone will help you out with what is going on.

We hope you enjoy being part of our club and continue to cycle and enjoy the sport as much as all of our members do.

Welcome to Bike Manawatu – the heart of NZ cycling.

Louise Allen                                    Barry Roche

Kathryn Knightbridge                        Tabitha Manderson

Mandy Williams                               Raewyn Clode

Janice Cudby                                  Turoa Karatea

Monica Campbell                              Leonie McNamara

Rob Campbell                                 Rachel Satherley

Natacha Baker                                 Lynne Vautier

Rowan Clarke                                 Cheryl Hirschberg

Doug Drysdale                                Stephanie Mantle

Nicola Pritchard                              Rochelle Izat

Suzanne Drysdale                           Trev King

Sue McCullam                                Megan Booth

Dale MacMillan                              Anna Hammington

Jenni caldwell                                Melissa Higson

Zane Kitchen                                  Annette Lane

TeAo Pritchard                              Louisa Cousins

Glenda Gibb                                  Darren Hamilton

Sheralee Cleland                            Nick Pedley

Linda Darragh                               Dawn Jacobs

Shaun Jacobs                                Linley McKenzie

Derek McNabb                               Rachelle Cocker

John Hammond                            Carolyn Mack

Catherine ronald                           Phil Theobald