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Morgans Property Advisors track results Sunday 20 October 2013

The first event on the track cycling calendar for the 2013/2014 season at Johnston Park on Sunday, promised to be a good one with ideal conditions and a fantastic turnout. In addition to lots of new riders, there were four new commissaires who had recently passed their exams and were keen to test their knowledge. The afternoon saw four events take place including a 1 lap standing start, a 2 lap scratch race, and two handicapped races. Races ran smoothly, rookie riders rode safely and on account of a hot track and very little wind, three track records were broken.

Congratulations to Jordan Castle who broke the under 19 mens record with a new time of 29.89 seconds (old record 30.02, Wesley Gough, 13.2.07). Not only did Jordan break the record, but he has ridden the fastest recorded official time for a 1 lap standing start ever recorded on the track. Congratulations also goes to Aaron Kibblewhite who broke the Masters 2 record with a new time of 33.32 seconds (old record 33.86, Peter Wenborn, 16.1.07) and to Ruby Perry who broke her own under 19 womens record with a new time of 34.43 seconds, a record that she broke earlier this year (old record 34.95, 3.1.13). If rider turn out and the performance of riders on Sunday is anything to go by, then racing this season is set to be spectacular. Next track meet is October 27th at 2.30pm.


Track Racing, Johnston Park, Sunday 20th October 2013

1 lap standing start

1.       Jordan Castle 29.89

2.       Jaycob Humphries 31.16

3.       Cody Simpson 31.35

4.       Carne Groube 31.95

5.       Duncan Muller 32.15

6.       Fergus Allan 32.26

7.       Brent Zimmerman 32.52

8.       Andrew McKenzie 32.57

9.       Jake van Lienen 32.86

10.   James Denholm 32.92

11.   Joel Yates 32.97

12.   Michaela Drummond 33.04

13.   Aaron Kibblewhite 33.32

14.   Ruby Perry 34.43

15.   Grant Haggett 34.55

16.   Hamish Mikkelsen 34.58

17.   Kate Stewart 34.64

18.   Hayden Washington-Smith 35.11

19.   Dylan Simpson 36.81

20.   Frazer Allan 36.87

21.   Dineth Rajapaske 37.89

22.   Mike Groube 37.93

23.   Megan Gardner 37.97

24.   Fergus Washington-Smith 38.43

25.   Wayne Scott 39.03

26.   Samara Fenn 39.64

27.   Anna Robson 40.73

28.   Kaylee Kibblewhite 41.11

29.   Pieta Ransom 41.64

30.   Max Cousins 42.78

31.   James Gardner 43.45

2 lap scratch races


Race 1

1st Dylan Simpson

2nd Fergus Washington-Smith

3rd Max Cousins

Race 2

1st Pieta Ransom

2nd Samara Fenn

3rd Kaylee Kibblewhite

Race 3

1st Megan Gardner

2nd Dineth Rajapaske

3rd Anna Robson

C Grade

1st Frazer Allan

2nd Grant Haggett

3rd Mike Groube

4th Wayne Scott

B Grade

1st Hamish Mikkelsen

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Brent Zimmerman

4th Hayden Washington-Smith

A Grade

Race 1

1st Jake van Lienen

2nd Cody Simpson

3rd Aaron Kibblewhite

4th Michaela Drummond

Race 2

1st Jordan Castle

2nd Jaycob Humphries

3rd James Denholm

4th Carne Groube

4 lap Handicap


1st Dylan Simpson

2nd Fergus Washington-Smith

3rd James Gardiner

4th Kaylee Kibblewhite

C Grade

1st Wayne Scott

2nd Mike Groube

3rd Frazer Allan

4th Grant Haggett

B Grade

1st Kate Stewart

2nd Brent Zimmerman

3rd Hamish Mikkelsen

4th Hayden Washington-Smith

A Grade

1st Jordan Castle

2nd Cody Simpson

3rd Carne Groube

4th Jaycob Humphries

6 lap Handicap


1st Dylan Simpson

2nd Fergus Washington-Smith

3rd Megan Gardner

4th Dineth Rajapaske

10 lap Handicap

C & B Grade 

1st Hamish Mikkelsen

2nd Kate Stewart

3rd Ruby Perry

4th Hayden Washington-Smith

14 lap Handicap

A Grade

1st Jordan Castle

2nd Carne Groube

3rd Jake van Lienen

4th James Denholm