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Membership portal to open

Emails will be sent to club members on the evening of Sunday the 18th November inviting them to click a personalised link to renew at  The personallised link activates their current information that has been moved into the new site, and greatly simplifies renewal into a 5 step process.

When they visit the site, they will see their suggested new membership, and current Club based on their 2012 licence.

Members can also join using paper forms, which can be sent to BikeNZ as usual. There will be no administration charge until the club portals are active and training has taken place.


Common Questions

Below are two tables which provide an overview to the two most common questions we have been asked.


1. Overview of old vs new membership

2012                                                             2013

Club Licence                                      Ride Club (Road and BMX) Ride Trail (MTB)

Centre Licence                                 Race

National Licence                             Race

Elite Licence                                     Race Elite

International Licence                   Race Elite (additional free card required)

2. Who is entitled to ride at our club and how do we identify them?


Membership BM club member Identification Fee
Ride free N/A Printed Form with expiry Premium
Ride Club/Youth No Membership Card Premium
Ride Club/Youth Yes Membership Card Standard
Race Yes or No Membership Card