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Member profile – Malcolm Rees

MalcolmR How long have you been cycling?

15 yrs

What drew you to the sport?

I was a failed runner with crook knees, hips, ankles etc etc I thought I had better try something else before I fell to bits and required bionic limbs

What do you enjoy about cycling?

Short sharp fast flat sprints. Climbing mountains, big ones. Riding for so long on the weekends that I couldn’t possibly fit in any of those “domestic chores”. Assisting others to get involved in the sport.

What do you hate about cycling?.

Riding in the rain. Its not for me. The seriously bad skills I have seen in fun rides recently – its getting worse.

What bike do you ride?

Cannondale CAAD 8 at present. Might need a new one soon.

Do you have a favourite brand of clothing?.

ASSOS. Swiss stuff. Really expensive but really comfortable. Santini is not bad either.

What aspect of cycling do you like the best e.g. hill climbing, time trialling touring?

Sprinting. We don’t do enough of it.

What are you personal riding achievements?

Riding the mountains in France. I didn’t ever imagine as I was literally pushed around my first 100 km ride by a few of you that I would be riding up the biggest mountain roads on the planet.

Alpe d’ Huez in under 1 hr is a goal worth keeping an eye on. I haven’t quite done it yet but one more crack at it is on the programme.

Do you ride throughout the year

Yes I try to but winter riding is weather dependent

Favourite rides?

Totara Reserve, Track/saddle

Worst crash?

Never had one but I’ve seen a few.

What is your day job?

Quality Manager Massey University


Yep 2. Both overseas

Favourite Music?

Tommy Emmanual at the moment but I listen to all sorts

Other sports and interests?

Rugby League. The Warriors – what a team. Cricket

Whats on your to do list?

Alpe d’Huez under 1 hour

La Marmotte in 2010

Finish this sentence. What the MMCC needs is

A comprehensive program for all interests not just social Sunday riding. Amalgamating with Marist will provide some of it but here are plenty of other things we could be doing that involves cycling. It’s a great club in a very popular sport at the moment. We should make the most of it. Cycling is on a roll!