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Member profile – Lorraine Rees

How long have you been cycling?

2 years

What drew you to the sport?

Crewing for a cycle trip through Europe without a bike!

What do you enjoy about cycling?

Getting out there and giving something a go that is outside my comfort zone

What bike do you ride?

Avanti Corsa.

What aspect of cycling do you like best?

Rolling country side where my momentum can get me half way up the next hill.

What are your personal cycling achievements?

Completing the Alpe d’Huez in France in 2007.

Completing the solo around Taupo in 2007

Do you ride throughout the year?

Try not to

Favourite rides?

Those that involve refreshments

Worst crash?

Have not crashed and done want to either

Do you have a favourite brand of cycle clothing?

Not really, comfort is the most important factor and then there is the aesthetics!

What’s your day job?

Nurse Manager Infection Control, MidCentral Health

Favourite foods?

Roast dinners and chocolate


Husband Malcolm, 2x children Nick, Tim

Favourite CDs/music?

Andrea Bocelli

Other sports and interests?

Arm chair critic of cricket, have been known not to be available for work on the rare occasion that the cricket gets exciting.

Whats on your to do/have/be list before you die?

Stelvio Pass, Italy – Malcolm wrote that

Finish this sentence.

What the MMCC needs is more women, wine and song……well perhaps not much song

Final message?

Life is too short to pass on opportunities that present themselves. Don’t worry what other people think, if I did I wouldn’t be wearing cycle shorts!