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Member profile – Ian Gray

IMGP3236 How long have you been cycling?

Approximately 50 yrs. I started racing when I was 14 yrs old. I raced seriously on the local scene both in New Plymouth and Palmerston North until my late thirties and then again seriously as a Masters cyclist in later years.

Ed. Other facts about Ian:


  • He is one of the few foundation members of the MMCC still actively involved with the club
  • He has been MMCC committee member since the inception of the club
  • He is a Life member of the MMCC

What drew you to the sport?

My father raced bikes. We had a fascination with the 100 mile Mountain Road Race in Taranaki.

What do you enjoy about cycling?

The challenge it presents and the improvement to fitness and health generally.

What do you hate about cycling?

  • Crashes.
  • The number of times I have just missed the first place in events – I often come second or third.

What bike do you ride?

I’ve got 6 in the shed. I like them all. The favourite at the moment is a fixed wheel bike for road training (that means one gear, no freewheeling or changing down on the hills).

Do you have a favourite brand of clothing?

Not really but I do recommend good quality shorts

What aspect of cycling do you like the best e.g. hill climbing, time trialling touring?

Coaching is my passion. I have been successful in coaching 2 NZ champs and a host of other silver and bronze medalists.

I’ve also recently reinvigorated the track cycling scene by getting the Feilding track and the club back up and running. The track has now been resealed.

What are your personal riding achievements?

My best racing achievement was winning the 40 km National Time Trial championship in 2003 for the F age category.

My favourite achievement in coaching was that I coached both the professional and amateur winners of the 1981 100 mile Mountain Road Race in Taranaki. The amateur winner was John Dykman (First and Fastest) and Harley VandenBos the (First and third fastest).

Do you ride throughout the year?



Favourite rides?

The Hunterville block up Rewa Hill, especially with a Northwesterly tail wind coming home.

Worst crash?

In my first year of racing in New Plymouth, I broke away in a group but clipped a wheel and came down heavily.

What is your day job?



Favourite Music?

I don’t listen to music riding but Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is my favourite piece of music

Other sports and interests?

No time for other sports but I have other interests:

  • I restore vintage cars
  • I am interested in postage history
  • I have been learning how to play the piano now for 10 yrs
  • I am also involved with the series of books currently being published about the great New Zealand cyclists (three books have been completed, there are seven to go)
  • I am writing a book about the 100 yrs history of the 100 mile Taranaki Mountain Road Race
  • I am also involved with documenting the New Zealand cycle race records and results and having them recorded on a web page (a project initiated by the Kennett Brothers)

What’s on your to do list?

Restore my 1926 Reo

Finish this sentence. What the MMCC needs is…..

Concentrate on looking after its older recreational riders and the other social aspects of riding.