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Member Profile – Bryce Marshall

clip_image002How long have you been cycling?

Been trying to cycle for four years. But now with Bean Cycling there is always someone offering advice .

What drew you to the sport?

Always enjoyed watching it on T.V. A good way to lose weight after rugby, not a lot of stress on old injuries. It’s a good excuse to go for coffee.

What do you enjoy about cycling? Riding with groups of like minded people and the guys from Bean Cycling.

What do you hate about cycling?

Cars with idiots behind the wheel who feel the need to see how close they can get to cyclists.

What bike do you ride?

A Specialised Roubaix S-Works

Do you have a favourite brand of clothing?

Descent and Castelli but that’s a bit on the expensive side. Also Bean Cycling clothing.

What aspect of cycling do you like the best e.g. hill climbing, time trialling touring?

Any ride where you have had to do a bit of hard work but also had some fun with sprints e.t.c. Hill climbing it hurts and I am slow at it but there is a sense of achievement every time you roll over the top. Sneak attacks to try and beat G. Davies in a sprint, a hard man to get off the lead wheel.

What are you personal riding achievements?

Being a founding member of Bean Cycling. On one ride, winning three red letter box sprints and a 50k sign. Beat Greg Chubb up a hill once.

Do you ride throughout the year.

Yes mostly on the weekends, the cafes are open most days.

Favourite rides?

The ones that end with a good coffee and conversation, any Bean Cycling ride and The Grape Ride in Blenheim.

Worst crash?

Jens Voigt face plant in the TDF. One small one on the Martinborough fun ride when a person went over in front of us and I had nowhere to go but over the top. Injured my shorts had to get a new pair.

What is your day job?

Manager of the Harvey Norman warehouse.


None .Happily married and we have a cat though. Ride with some big ones and a giant one he knows who he is I wont mention his name so everyone wont know its you Mark Wright.

Favourite Music?

The Clash ,The Cure, The Killers and a lot of 80s stuff.

Other sports and interests?

Follow a bit of Rugby not as much since giving up playing and coaching. Any sports really. Cafes are interesting.

Whats on your to do list?

Kate Beckinsale oops sorry wrong list. Some of the TDF climbs ( doing that in July 2010 ). Taking Bean Cycling global, we have bean seen in Oz and South Africa already.

Finish this sentence. What the MMCC needs….. is to keep doing what its doing, getting people out there and on their bikes and promoting the fun side of it. (SPONSOR BEAN CYCLING, lots of promising up and coming young cyclists involved there e.g. Greg Chubb and Chris James)