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Manfeild Points Race – Tuesday 16th November 2021 – Race 2/2

BikeManawatuVertical_thumb1_thumb Manfeild Points Race – Tuesday 16th November 2021 – Race 2/2

Registration 5.15pm – Manfeild Park Chris Amon Circuit – Registration will be in the Pitlane Garage
Race briefing 5.45pm – all riders must attend
Start Time / First Grade off at 6pm

***Please Pre Register, Its much easier to delete or DNS you from our start list if something comes up and you cant make it than to add you in while everyone is trying to register****
Entry Fee:

Members $10 p/night
Non Members $15 p/night
All payments must be made online, please no payments on the day Bike Manawatu ANZ 01-0745-0284925-00 please use your name, race number & race name as reference

Click here to register

Volunteers & Spectators Registration form 

Please click here to see our Bike Manawatu Delta Level 2 guidelines

Starting Times

D & B grade 6pm
D grade 25mins
B Garde 35 mins

C & A grade 6.45pm approx
C grade 30 mins
A grade 40mins

Cycling Manfeild 6Hr 8May2016 #109

Registration & Race Numbers
Registration will be open from 5.15 and close at 5.50 pm
Numbers are to be positioned on the right hand side of the jersey and slightly to the rear and clear of the arm so that it can be read by the judges. If the judges cannot see your number, you will not be awarded points.
Allocated race numbers are to be kept for the series. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR RACE NUMBER TO EACH EVENT.
Return numbers at completion of the series.


Signing On
With the exception of race 1 (you are deemed to have signed on by registering) all riders must sign on prior to racing, weather you have paid for the series or not. If you score points in a race and you have not signed on you will not be awarded points.

D Grade – Aimed at riders with limited experience and or low levels of fitness. Anticipated average speed approx. 25km/hr
C Grade – Aimed at younger experienced riders or adults with an average level of fitness. Anticipated average speed 30-35km/hr
B Grade – Aimed at experienced racing riders with an above average fitness level. Anticipated average speed 40km/hr
A Grade – Aimed at rides with a high level of experience and race fitness. Anticipated average speed 45+km/hr

Event Format
The race circuit will be the 1.2km inside loop.
Restricted junior gearing is not compulsory
Grades will be combined (D&B and C&A) on the track together. Combined grades will assemble in the start area together and there will be a short time delay between grade starts – faster grade starting first. Riders dropped from their grade shall not join in or interfere with the other grade on the circuit. Riders who have been dropped and are being lapped by their grade may join back in WITH THE MAIN BUNCH BUT MUST NOT CONTEST ANY SPRINTS. At the race managers discretion riders may be pulled from the race.
Faster riders must give way to slower riders and pass to the outside when passing on a corner. The exception to this is in the S bend section where faster riders should pass on the right hand side – The faster group is to warn the slower group to stay left as they approach. There will usually be a rider marshal with D&C grades to assist in this area.

6.00pm – D & B Grade
D Grade 25 mins
B Grade 35 mins

6.45pm – C & A Grade
C Grade 30 mins
A Grade 40mins max. and may be shorted at race managers discretion

Points will be awarded at intermediate primes and the finish (double points)
Prime laps will be signalled by a whistle
The final lap will be signalled by a bell
Points will be award for the top 4 in each sprint;
1st = 4 points
4th = 1 point
The total accumulated points from all sprints will determine the placing for each round with round points being award on the same basis ie 1st = 4 points
The total accumulated points from each round will be determine the overall ranking for each grade at completion of the series.

Held at the Manfeild Park

Aerial with corner

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Thank you to all of our Bike Manawatu Sponsors, Grant Funders and Volunteers – We appreciate you all
Together Everyone Achieves More