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Light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems like an eternity, and the wait till Mondays Covid announcement can’t come soon enough. Following on from last week we are pleased to announce a 4 week racing calendar starting next Sunday 17th.

Please note we still need to wait till Monday the 11th announcement….how many times have we heard this.

By the end of the month and an idea of continuing restriction levels are clear, we will run more events in June, July and beyond.
As mentioned in the last Article, we intend running WCNI Road Race championships before AGN’s in July

Health and safety is going to be at the forefront under level 2. This goes all the way from the events that we run, how we will require that you enter the events, and all of our own responsibilities with personal hygiene.
For the first 4 weekends we will require riders to enter online through Webscorer. This gives us the riders contact details for our Health and Safety Covid requirements. The first event is an ITT at Kairanga.

We will accept entries until 24 hours before the event at which point a start order will be compiled and start time allocated. This will allow riders to turn up at the line with 5 minutes to spare, so documentation and payment (the prepaid cards are great in this respect) and go straight to the start cue. We highly encourage online payment to help us be as contactless as possible please.

This minimizes the cue and crowding. We have all had numbers allocated this season and we cannot stress enough the importance of holding onto this number (If you no longer have your number you will need to be there earlier to ensure you can be issued with one.)

Over the next week we will release more details as they come to hand.Registration will be on line as soon as we are able to.

4 week Calendar:
May 17th. Kairanga ITT
May 24th. Hill climb or Akers Rd Road Race
May 31st. Rongotea ITT and 2up
June 7th. Taonui Loop Road Race or Kairanga TT
June 28th Taonui Loop Road Race.

Once again we acknowledge the support of our Amazing Local Sponsors, the work of the BM personnel, Pat Howard from PNCC and Martin Skinner from MDC

Cleats on, eyes forward

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Please Click Here to see our calendar online